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Compared to VS. Not a review!

Similarity Scale

Percentage of possible points earned scored -1 to 1 in tenths in 60 categories

Genre Controls Modes Progress Builds Stages Content Aesthetic Vibe

Keeper's Toll


A solid choice if you want a game that feels like a Vampire Survivors visual remaster that focuses on individual class skill trees instead of combo synergies. EA, not a ton of content yet, but responsive devs. The closest in terms of movement controls on this list so far! Edit: seems it's adding a dodge, but nothing has changed about enemy patterns so it's hard to complain too much about it. Though I did lol to the ear of a very receptive dev.

Action RPG Auto-Shooter Bullet Heaven Dungeon Crawler Enemy Hell Hack and Slash Horde Survival Mowing Game Roguelite Single Stick Shooter Summoning Game Survivors-like Top Down or Isometric Wave Survival
8.6 Combined Ranking Score
9/72 Ranking Position
1471/1600 Total Points
8.6 Final Review
88% Steam
8.6 Scale
8.3 Vibes
105 Steam Reviews
357/400 Review Points
8.6 Similarity Score
93% Diagnosis:
1114/1200 Comparison Points
100% Genre 8/8 genre
88% Simple Controls 5.3/7 move
100% Survival Modes 4/4 modes
100% Power Progression 4/4 level
70% Buildcrafting Depth 2/5 build
100% Stage Features 7/7 stage
84% Content Breadth 6.2/9 stuff
97% Aesthetics 5.6/6 style
97% Gameplay Vibe Check 9.3/10 vibe vibe

Keeper's Toll Ranking Notes

- +

Scaling and Review Notes

Personal Hours Played: 4.4

Every game ranked was played, but also scaled based on research, talking to developers & your feedback. The priority with the scale's initial design was to compare similarity on relatively objective features - so it doesn't claim to include reviews of the depth and clarity you'd get at a games journalism site, nor the intensive time played you might get from player reviews on steam. We try to incorporate and link all of that along with a 'review scale' that checks for bugs. See the heatmap and breakdown! Time played noted so you can take any notes with a big grain of salt! I can't get to high level gameplay in 850+ games so I heavily research every game. Over 80 game creators let me interview or survey them! I Hope to go back and refine. Please argue or submit your own scores and reviews to be incorporated with credit into the notes and score numbers.

Added or last checked on 10/16/2023

necromancer-from_keepers-toll.gifPreviously called "Soul Survivors"

A so-far solid single stick shooter in Early Access. VERY close in aesthetic style and design and actually keeps 1 handed movement focused play. Edit: Seems they are adding a dodge, so this will need to be re-examined.

Also very Dark Souls inspired visually with some fun subtle jokes for fans. Bumpin' music. Graphics an upgrade - especially on elite/boss animations - while still feeling pretty lofi.

Necro earns this a summoning game tag from me.

spore-king-from_keepers-toll.gifClassic inspired classes have their own unique weapon and move set, with some interesting twists like fighting style movement combo to activate a move for the monk. They also have their own money pile and upgrade tiers. Not a ton of maps, but a decent range of characters considering their depth - unfortunately no crazy crossover evolutions it seems.

It's still early access so I intend to check back in later for a real review. First impressions are pretty positive.

Includes a necromancer summoning class In Early Access so we'll see how much of a summoning game it is - very responsive developer!

Keeper's Toll Similarity Scale Heatmap

- +

Measured in 60 categories via likert-scale style options -1 to 1 in tenths, how does this game compare to Vampire Survivors. This allows 1200 total "points". It's easier to have a point of comparison and we just picked Vampire Survivors since it's the most popular and commonly referenced game in the subgenre. For detailed methodology read the explainer. For in depth examples at score value, see the scoring guide and for term definitions see the key.

8.6 Similarity Score
93% Diagnosis:
1114/1200 Comparison Points
Rogue-lite 1/1
Auto-Fire / Auto-Battle 1/1
Real Time 1/1
Top Down or Isometric 1/1
Direct Control of Single Avatar 1/1
Arcade Style 1/1
Bullet Heaven A (Many Player Bullets) 1/1
Bullet Heaven B (Few Enemy Bullets) 1/1
One Handed Play (w Controller) 0.6/1
Move Only 0.7/1
No Dash 0/1
No Trigger 1/1
No Special Move 1/1
No Aiming 1/1
No On-Aim / On-Fire Movement Penalty 1/1
Timed / Boss Ended Survival 1/1
Endless Mode 1/1
Organic / Unannounced Waves 1/1
High Enemy Count (Horde) 1/1
Level Up on XP Gain Event 1/1
Streamlined Level Choices (Simple UI) 1/1
Currency Based Meta Unlocks 1/1
Goal Based Meta Unlocks 1/1
Build Crafting 0.5/1
Weapon Combination / "Evolution" 0/1
Interesting Item / Weapon / Ability Synergy 0.5/1
Broken / Invincible Builds Possible 0/1
Explorable Map 1/1
BIG Maps 1/1
XP on Ground 1/1
Health on Ground 1/1
Temp Powerups / Items on Ground 1/1
Treasure Chests and/or Loot Events 1/1
Vendor / Merchant on Run 1/1
Enemy Variety 1/1
Bosses / Elites 1/1
Many Interesting Characters 0.8/1
Many Challenges 0.7/1
Multiple Stages 0.7/1
Difficulty Modifiers 0/1
Bestiary / Lore 0/1
Achievements 1/1
Secrets 1/1
Retro / Pixel Art 1/1
Damage Numbers 1/1
Lofi Charm 1/1
Bumpin Music 1/1
Fun Writing 0.6/1
Subtle Humor 1/1
Panic & Zen Duo Vibe 1/1
Over the Top 0.8/1
"One More Run" / Short Runs 1/1
Difficulty Ramp 0.8/1
Fun Ramp 0.8/1
Low Price 1/1
Technical Check 1/1
Controls Check 1/1
Fun Check 0.9/1
Feels like VS 1/1

Keeper's Toll Review Scale Heatmap

- +

The review scale is judged from -1 to 1 in 10 categories, with 200 possible "points" earned. Steam review positive percentage is worth another 100 points, and a "ten point" pure vibe review number adds extra subjectivity. Converted into points, that's 400 points total. The points aren't used directly in the ranking, though, which averages the three number scores for the final review score listed in the game line above.

8.6 Final Review
88% Positive Steam Reviews
105 Steam Reviews
8.3 Pure Vibes
8.6 Review Scale
357/400 Review Points
Not Buggy 1/1
Not Janky 1/1
Good UI 1/1
Controller and Deck 1/1
Lots of Content 0.5/1
Good Theme 0.6/1
Good Graphics and Sound 1/1
Fun Feel 1/1
Unique Twists 0.5/1
Vibe Check 1/1

Keeper's Toll Tag Cloud

- +

More sortable taxonomies and categories associated with the game (genre tags are available in the main game table line!) We've just started adding tags to enable more sorting options, this section will get more filled out as we go!

Release Tags

LinuxMacPS5Steam DeckSwitchWindows PCXboxEA

Sorting Categories


Genre and Control Style Tags

Action RPGAuto-ShooterBullet HeavenDungeon CrawlerEnemy HellHack and SlashHorde SurvivalMowing GameRogueliteSingle Stick ShooterSummoning GameSurvivors-likeTop Down or IsometricWave Survival

Aesthetic Tags

2DPixel Art

Setting / Story Tags

Dark FantasyDungeonsFantasyHorror ThemedMartial ArtsNecromancyUndead

Control Styles

ControllerController 1 HandedController Move OnlyKeyboard 1 HandedKeyboard Only

Game Mode Tags

Endless ModeIgnorable TutorialTimed SurvivalWave Survival20m

Features and Extras

Steam AchievementsSteam Cloud


Stingbot Games

Game Features

- +

Listing various features we've got info on.


  • Local: No
  • Online: No
  • Player Count: 1
  • Leaderboards: No

Steam Features

  • Steam Cloud: Yes
  • Steam Achievements: 29
  • Steam Leaderboards: No
  • Steam Workshop: No
  • Steam Trading Cards: No

Extras, Etc.

  • NSFW: No
  • Demo Available: No
  • DLC Available: No
  • Soundtrack Available: No

Marketing Blurb

- +

Some description of the game and its features from the creators.

"Keeper’s Toll is an action-packed arcade roguelite set within a dark fantasy world. Keeper’s Toll places a heavy focus on slow-paced, skill-based gameplay and intricate boss battles as you survive an onslaught of relentless fell hordes."

"The game controls like a top down beat-em-up with auto attacks that primarily go off in the direction your character is facing" "No twin stick controls or mouse aiming."

Dev notes: "A typical run to reach the final boss is roughly 20 mins. However, runs go into an endless mode each time called cursed mode where a new curse stacks every minute you survive. So essentially runs can last as long as you are capable of surviving."

Control Style Notes

- +

Dev: "Controls like VS with the exception that the player can perform an evasive move. you can press Left Shift or B on the game controller to perform a dodge roll. Dodge is tied to your stamina bar."

"Each class plays entirely different with their own set of unique actives and passives. Nothing is shared, including auto aim."

"The Shadow Monk has auto aim with his Fury Active attack (his base attack). None of the other existing character have auto aim except for the Ranger's homing shot, but it's not constant like Fury is for the Shadow Monk. Other future characters may have some auto aim abilities. there is no default auto aim though. That's not how the game plays by default. It's not a "setting""

Automated Features

There is no right stick aiming, but attacks aren't all directed towards enemies.

Accuracy of aimed attacks is character dependent.

Supported Controls

  • Controller: Full
  • Controller Move Only: Yes
  • Controller One Handed: Mapping planned Dev: "You can play with one hand, but if you want to perform a dodge roll, as of right now you would need to press B on the right side. It's not required to perform a dodge, but it is a feature nonetheless. it will be added in the next update that goes live."
  • Mouse Only: Planned
  • Keyboard Only: Yes
  • Keyboard One Handed: Yes

Game Modes

- +

Timed Survival

Endless Survival

Game Mode Notes

Default mode is timed survival.

Dev: "As of current: just level runs. Each level has an endless mode that activates when the final stage boss is defeated. Will split to be optional and include other game modes later in Early Access"

Run Times & Speedups

- +

Average Run Time: 20m

Run Time Notes

Dev: "Endless mode activates after the final stage boss is defeated. Curses stack every minute thereafter and the goal is to survive as many curses as possible."

Speed Settings


Player Power Progression

- +

Detailed notes on progression systems.

In Run Progression

Dev: "Enemies drop souls. Elites drop higher level souls. Bosses drop instant level ups. Enhancements to XP can be bought from the Merchant and/or obtained from challenge events and altars"

Souls are used on level gain event to pick from streamlined options, but each character has their own set of moves and options. XP is used in the meta.

Meta Progression

Players can spend gold collected in run at a meta Merchant, and can develop class trees by earning "XP"

Dev: "XP is earned from completing a run. XP is earned from a variety of factors including time survived, elites killed, bosses killed, curses survived, challenges completed as the most notable ways to earn XP."

Play to unlock endless mode.

"Endless mode activates after the final stage boss is defeated. Curses stack every minute thereafter and the goal is to survive as many curses as possible. Achievements and Meta Progression is tied into this mode as well as XP bonuses can be earned the longer you survive."

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