To Do List

xoxomonstergirl's spreadsheet specific to-do list (not including a lot of basic design/writing stuff). Many games from related genres we could eventually add are listed near the bottom


  • First primary goal is to get some info on every game into the chart, at least metadata, some guessed genre tags.
  • Then, ideally with dev feedback for every game, have some comparison info on all of them.
  • Then fully review and rank about 200 games in one go and then more as time goes on with user help. Concentrating on fully released games first.
  • I'll just be picking up any games around a dollar any time they are on sale, just due to my budget, and there's also games submitted into the form that I will prioritize. (Currently about 290 games purchased in my steam library on the sheet, as of 11/22).
  • Rate the free games that have been released, you know, for the people.
  • Rank any other stuff I've already played so I can rank quickly.
  • Rate the games with free demos that have been released.
  • Purchase popular / highly rated games to try and rank.
  • (if we were doing this 'right' we would have the scoring guide done and get a large number of random players to fill it out before interpreting that to score this but we're just going to have it open for public commenting and focus on getting some idea of the data. It's really a way to fill a wiki more than a way to do proper statistics. so this to-do item is something we'll likely never attempt).
  • Rate most popular VS-like recommendations/requests first (many of these in the batch of purchased games, others to get later). Let me know if you want to vote for one.
  • Post in various forums / message indie devs to check to make sure I got all the features right and be accountable for any mistakes (and fix them).
  • - Data plotting
  • - Multi-axis genre comparison
  • - Games in certain tags over time
  • - Make summary graphs based on the ones the google form makes from the dev submitting info, but including all of it.
  • Heatmap tab where you can select a game and view as a block of colors, also basically a game summary view.
  • Generated Text List / Other Sorted Pages for easy navigation.
  • make conclusions! hope it's helpful!
  • website w essay and slide deck (or youtube video, haven't decided).
  • move some of this stuff to an actual wiki? Or make website?
  • probably continue to periodically update if people ask for games to be scaled, but the intention is to 'finish' the project (probably with about 200 or more scaled and reviewed) as there will likely be thousands of games in the genre as time goes on. There already probably are if we were looking off steam too. More people who can help the quicker the whole thing can get scored.
  • make printable version including revised essays and graphs, conclusions, how to make your own scale, etc.
  • develop Spreadsheet Survivors browser game. just kidding. Maybe. Would be funny to be able to import spreadsheets to fight against.

Possible adjacent games to add

At first, I'm really trying to stick to games very close or particularly iconic, or at least commonly suggested to people asking about Vampire Survivors. At least for the project to be 'finished'. But I am attempting to include maybe 20 or so well known different games and then anything an indie dev or fan feels is worth submitting and comparing.

A lot of other stuff also comes up in steam recommendations and similar tags, or is sometimes mentioned in forums. An interesting thing to look at is precursor games, which you see more of in recommendations right when VS came out before the clones or inspired games (like 20 min to dawn) became widely known or existed at all.

This list can also just be considered a checklist of games I've taken a look at and decided would not be added to the list. Sometimes I refer back to it for that reason when encountering games. It takes a little bit of time to check each one out and see if they have a wave mode, etc, so it can save accidentally redoing some work.

  • Considering Synthetik, Infinity Trials, Super Raft Boat Together, Red Tether, Replikator, Ruiner, Star of Providence, Empty Shell, Neon Chrome, Starward Rogue, HyperParasite, Power of Ten, Rogue Star Rescue, Doomsday Hunters, Skelly Selest, Zombie Party, Devil Slayer Raksasi, Midnight Blood Rush, Space Robinson, Rogue Labyrinth, Below the Stone, Fury Unleashed, Cyber Strider, Darza's Dominion, Gate Delvers, Infinity Strash, Doomsday Jetlag, Around Us, Odinfall, Little Scavenger, The Last Game, Stillborn Slayer, Forebloomed, Neon Blight, Little Mages, Cavity Busters, Neko:Insufficient FIREPOWER, Folk Hero, Multi Turret Academy, Roguebot, Born Again, Patch Quest, School of Magic, Caverns of Mars, Temp Zero, Metavoidal, Domekeeper, Void Vikings, Rightfully, Beary Arms, Zombie Rollerz, Endless Dungeon, Riftstorm, Shape Hunter, Gunhead, Magicraft, Radio Silent, Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy, OTXO, StormEdge, Book of Demons, LastRo, DRACOMATON, The Walking Vegetables, Boomeraxe, Dusky Depths, Shell Runner, Fairyside, Project Malice, Dead Oculus, Pixel Descent, HEAVEN SEEKER, Zombie Admin, Ira, Damocles Gaze, Relic Hunters, RAM: Random Access Mayhem, Zombie Soup, Uragun, Metal Mutation, Space Bandit, Chickenauts, Rack and Slay, No Water In Hell, ANNIHILATOR, Hell Trigger, The Awakener: Forgotten Oath, Spent Shells, Apocalypse Party, The Flying Pancake Space Octopus in the Black Hole, Mist Slayer, Berzerk: Recharged, Skeletal Avenger, Tyrannical Chickens, Rekindling The Flame, Hell Throne, Splat Arena, Rogue Slime, Neon River, Temple of Rust, We See You, JYDGE, Cavity Busters, Shadows of Rogue: The Sorcerer's Curse, The Ascent, Red Tether, Idiots' Fantasy, Laboratory X-29 as top down or otherwise rogue lite shooters or hack and slashers or related (mostly dungeon crawls)
  • Considering Alien Shooter, RogueMusk, Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded, Alien Shooter: Revisited, Zombie Shooter, Arcadegeddon, Cryptark, Mortal Sin, Crab Champions, Rogue Shooter, Commander Tiberius Troubleson, Black Ice, Orbital Bullet, Atomic Picnic, Ziggurat, Mud, Blood 2, Godfist as other rogue-lite or Horde shooters
  • Considering Dynasty Warriors, Earth Defense Force series, Zombie Army series, Strange Brigade, Burn Zombie Burn, All Zombies Must Die, Serious Sam, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, Vermintide, Deep Rock Galactic, Killing Floor, Hypercharged: Unboxed, The Black Masses, Riftbreaker, World War Z, Ultrakill (infinite arena mode), Zombie Hordes, Starship Troopers: Extermination as horde survival / wave games
  • Considering GunVein, Noisz re:Collection, Graze Counter GM, Switch'n'shoot, Raiden Legacy as possible shmups with auto shoot mode or single hand control or other related features
  • Danmaku Unlimted 2, Zangeki Warp, Ginga Force, Natsuki Chronicles, Drainus as shmups with purchaseable upgrades
  • Considering Tiny Breakers Camp, Treasure Hunter, God of Stickfights as other roguelites
  • Considering They Are Billions, Age of Darkness as strategy horde survival games
  • Undead Quest, Modulor, Bloompunk, Gunpunk VR as VR wave Shooters or VR FPS roguelites
  • Nienix: Cosmic Warfare, TotAL RPG as top down shooter / dungeon crawler ARPGs
  • Considering Beat Hazard, Beat Hazard 2, Alienation, Death Ray Manta SE, Alien Swarm, Burn Zombie Burn, Bullet Candy, Obludia, Reassembly, RIP, RIP 2, Transcripted, Chaos Engine, Twin Ruin, XenoRapter, Touhou Endless Dream, Vicious Attack Llama, as top down arena / arcade shooters
  • Considered The Last Spell King Wizard, Plumpy Uprising, Supracore, Slime Siege, Geame, Minion Masters, Orcs Must Die, Listeria Wars, Towers Deck, Crystal Guardians, Digs, Castle Rush Zombies, One Shell Straight to Hell, Plants Vs. Zombies, Legion TD 2, Toy Shire, Emberward, Rogue Realms, Arrival of Beasts, Minigunner, Fungus Reaper, Rogue Star Defense, Role of Hex, Ardein.Fall, Doom Sweeper, Mob Factory, Pawar, Samawa Idle, Zombie Builder Defense 2, My Hero After The Fall, Gods of Defense as tower defense games or TD hybrid shooters (some rogue-lite)
  • Considering adding Kodama Battles, (the) Gnorp Apologue, Necrosmith, Warpips, Godless, Castle Warriors, Hadean Tactics, Despot's Game, Godhood, Stuck in Time, Tavern of Gods, Touhou: Dreamland of Infinity, Outcasts of Orion, Legendary Creatures 2, Tower of Chaos, Gladiator Guild Manager, and Merge & Blade, AutoHeroes, Roboden, CD2: Trap Master, Rogue Station, Buggos, Mechabellum, Rogue Voltage, Warlords Under Siege, Super Auto Pets, Racine as Rogue-lite Auto-Battlers
  • Considering Cards We're Dealt, Anaphora, TOONCOP, Gunfire Reborn, Deadlink, Hypergun, Death Elevator, Spellshot, Soulslinger: Envoy of Death, PROJECT;HYPATIOS, Astroswarm, Kill Your Shapes, Superior: Vengeance, Refidenptio, Seth as other rogue-lite FPS or Horde FPS Shooters or TPS shooters
  • Considering 666 Second Rule, Leaf Blower Revolution as idle games
  • Considered adding Shotgun King, Pawnbarian, Ouroboros King, Wizard Chess, Unending as other chess inspired rogue-likes
  • Considering Magic Maker, Undermine, Shattered Pixel Dungeon, Backpack Hero, Death Road to Canada, Inscryption, Roundguard, Rack and Slay, Darkest Dungeon, dotAGE, Capital Command, Dataminers, BlazBlue Entropy Effect, Planetiles, MidBoss, Dwarves & Dungeons, Let's Revolution, Dunjungle, Paris Transylvania, Dreamscaper, Bad North, Plate Up, Spelunky, Die in the Dungeon, For The King, Stacklands, Golden REcord Retriever, Starvaders, Faster Than Light, Ship of Fools, Don't Starve as other Rogue-lites/likes.
  • Executive Assault 2, other stuff
  • Yar's Revenge as on rails shooter
  • Considering Twin Ruin, Galacide, Gravity Ace as sidescrolling or vertical scrolling shmups, etc
  • Considering the shmups genre for over the top action - from Jamestown to Crimson Clover, etc. But that's a lot of titles. Maybe if I finish everything else unless someone points one out that is more bullet heaven than hell, just not rogue-lite.
  • I actually have a few hundred other rogue-likes in our club collection but most are turn based and that's already well documented as Traditional Roguelikes and Deck Builders and other subgenres. I may include a few iconic games though to add to the very popular ones already on the list.