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Compared to VS. Not a review!

Similarity Scale

Percentage of possible points earned scored -1 to 1 in tenths in 60 categories

Genre Controls Modes Progress Builds Stages Content Aesthetic Vibe



Very Different. Closer to Isaac or Gungeon. Scaling and review mostly by Adorn on discord: "A top down twin stick shooter dungeon crawling action roguelike with a chaotic spin on traditional mechanics. It revolves around running through the map activating "beacons" which will unlock a portion of the level's boss, who will start chasing the player in a cat-and-mouse style rampage. This sequence feels very similar to Monster Hunter where you will need to chase or be chased by the boss as you gather powerups and weapons to upgrade yourself. Each powerup is also likely to have lots of synergy with other powerups leading to very chaotic gameplay where your bullets fill the screen. It's a movement focused game with aiming elements and sprint/dodge mechanics." No hordes, but lots of rogue-lite elements that may appeal to you. See to the right for very detailed notes!

Bullet Heaven Bullet Hell Dungeon Crawler Female Protagonist Roguelike Roguelite Story Rich Top Down or Isometric Twin Stick Shooter
7.1 Combined Ranking Score
39/72 Ranking Position
1270/1600 Total Points
9.4 Final Review
97% Steam
9.0 Scale
9.5 Vibes
2197 Steam Reviews
382/400 Review Points
4.8 Similarity Score
74% Diagnosis:
Very Different
888/1200 Comparison Points
78% Genre 4.4/8 genre
12% Simple Controls -5.3/7 move
41% Survival Modes -0.7/4 modes
75% Power Progression 2/4 level
83% Buildcrafting Depth 3.3/5 build
96% Stage Features 6.5/7 stage
90% Content Breadth 7.2/9 stuff
88% Aesthetics 4.5/6 style
95% Gameplay Vibe Check 8.9/10 vibe vibe

Voidigo Ranking Notes

- +

Scaling and Review Notes

Personal Hours Played: 515.2 (Adorn)

Every game ranked was played, but also scaled based on research, talking to developers & your feedback. The priority with the scale's initial design was to compare similarity on relatively objective features - so it doesn't claim to include reviews of the depth and clarity you'd get at a games journalism site, nor the intensive time played you might get from player reviews on steam. We try to incorporate and link all of that along with a 'review scale' that checks for bugs. See the heatmap and breakdown! Time played noted so you can take any notes with a big grain of salt! I can't get to high level gameplay in 850+ games so I heavily research every game. Over 80 game creators let me interview or survey them! I Hope to go back and refine. Please argue or submit your own scores and reviews to be incorporated with credit into the notes and score numbers.

Added or last checked on 11/20/2023

This uniquely bright and poppy dungeon crawling shooter has been dominating my steam recommendations for weeks as I browsed survivors-likes, so I sought out an experienced player to help us compare it. Following are notes from Adorn from the Voidigo discord! Adorn's scorecard notes: "A top down twin stick shooter dungeon crawling action roguelike, it becomes more like a Bullet Hell as difficulty progresses"

Auto-Battler/Shooter: "There are powerups(pwus) that give turrets and companions but majority of the input is from players."
Arcade Style: "There is a bit of plot and a relatively lengthy tutorial, but after that's done runs are really easy to start up."
Bullet Heaven: "Follows the heaven format for enemies, which don't fire that much even on higher difficulties, but is closer to a Bullet Hell for the bosses who are relentless on really high difficulties."
No-Aiming: "There are pwus that give the effect of a no-aiming mode but they are not guaranteed on every run of course."
No On-Attack Movement: The game has a sprint and a walk, so firing will stop your sprint, but the walk speed is the same, hence the 0.5.
Endless Mode: "There's no dedicated mode, but the player can "loop" which will restart the run with all of there items and this is only limited by the power of your PC."

Impactful Items: "Some pwus don't change much but most of the pwus can drastically change how you play the game.
Invincible/Broken Builds: You still need to pay attention to progress in the game, but the builds can get really OP especially on high loops.
Temp Powerups on "Ground": "All of the pwus can be permanent if you want but can be traded hence the 0.5."
Many Player Characters: "All of the pwus and weapons are obtainable to you when you play the game so the Player Characters aren't that different in the endgame, but they are pretty unique at the start."
Bestiary/Lore: "There is a list of all of the enemies with descriptions in the tester build but you need tester commands to access this list. The game does have some decent lore but it's not focused on for majority of play."
Secrets: "There are a few easter eggs such as weird noises happening at certain points, and a literally game event called a "secret crack" but nothing too big."
Lo-Fi Charm: "The game has charm for sure, but that charm isn't really because it's a homely indie game. The game genuinely has a very polished and smooth feel to it."
Dodging: "The player will "jump" over attacks and can "stomp" on enemies if they are above them. Stomping will stun some enemies and can be comboed on multiple enemies to extend invincibility frames."

"The player can hold up to 2 a melee or ranged weapons. Melee are generally more risk/reward as they will do a lot of damage but will use a lot of "durability" and have very short ranges, while also being able to block some attacks. Ranged will be safer as they can attack from a distance with a bit less damage and more ammo efficiency, while also being able to "gunslap" enemies for small melee damage."

Difficulty/Fun Ramp: "The games difficulty is pretty reliant on learning and overcoming how certain enemies/mechanics/synergies work. The meta is essentially what works best for the player."
Low Price: "It's $20 which isn't that low, but relative to the content it provides it's a huge bargain. I have several hundred hours and all achievements and I still have pretty different experiences on different runs."
Technical Check: "The game can start to struggle with some frame stuttering when a lot is happening on the screen but this is pretty rare and you'd have to be pushing the game a lot to cause this."

Conclusion: "For VS players that enjoy the horde survival aspect, this game isn't too great since the game is more focused on small enemy groups and a domineering boss. But VS players that are fans of the roguelike aspects will find great enjoyment as this game will have plenty of options to scratch this itch."

Voidigo Similarity Scale Heatmap

- +

Measured in 60 categories via likert-scale style options -1 to 1 in tenths, how does this game compare to Vampire Survivors. This allows 1200 total "points". It's easier to have a point of comparison and we just picked Vampire Survivors since it's the most popular and commonly referenced game in the subgenre. For detailed methodology read the explainer. For in depth examples at score value, see the scoring guide and for term definitions see the key.

4.8 Similarity Score
74% Diagnosis:
888/1200 Comparison Points
Rogue-lite 0.7/1
Auto-Fire / Auto-Battle 0.5/1
Real Time 1/1
Top Down or Isometric 1/1
Direct Control of Single Avatar 1/1
Arcade Style -0.5/1
Bullet Heaven A (Many Player Bullets) 0.7/1
Bullet Heaven B (Few Enemy Bullets) 0/1
One Handed Play (w Controller) -1/1
Move Only -1/1
No Dash -1/1
No Trigger -1/1
No Special Move -1/1
No Aiming -0.8/1
No On-Aim / On-Fire Movement Penalty 0.5/1
Timed / Boss Ended Survival -1/1
Endless Mode 0.8/1
Organic / Unannounced Waves 0/1
High Enemy Count (Horde) -0.5/1
Level Up on XP Gain Event -1/1
Streamlined Level Choices (Simple UI) 1/1
Currency Based Meta Unlocks 1/1
Goal Based Meta Unlocks 1/1
Build Crafting 1/1
Weapon Combination / "Evolution" 0/1
Interesting Item / Weapon / Ability Synergy 0.8/1
Broken / Invincible Builds Possible 0.7/1
Explorable Map 1/1
BIG Maps 1/1
XP on Ground 1/1
Health on Ground 1/1
Temp Powerups / Items on Ground 0.5/1
Treasure Chests and/or Loot Events 1/1
Vendor / Merchant on Run 1/1
Enemy Variety 1/1
Bosses / Elites 1/1
Many Interesting Characters 0.5/1
Many Challenges 1/1
Multiple Stages 1/1
Difficulty Modifiers 0.5/1
Bestiary / Lore 0.5/1
Achievements 1/1
Secrets 0.7/1
Retro / Pixel Art 1/1
Damage Numbers 0/1
Lofi Charm 0.5/1
Bumpin Music 1/1
Fun Writing 1/1
Subtle Humor 1/1
Panic & Zen Duo Vibe 1/1
Over the Top 1/1
"One More Run" / Short Runs 0.8/1
Difficulty Ramp 0.9/1
Fun Ramp 1/1
Low Price 0.3/1
Technical Check 0.9/1
Controls Check 1/1
Fun Check 1/1
Feels like VS -1/1

Voidigo Review Scale Heatmap

- +

The review scale is judged from -1 to 1 in 10 categories, with 200 possible "points" earned. Steam review positive percentage is worth another 100 points, and a "ten point" pure vibe review number adds extra subjectivity. Converted into points, that's 400 points total. The points aren't used directly in the ranking, though, which averages the three number scores for the final review score listed in the game line above.

9.4 Final Review
97% Positive Steam Reviews
2197 Steam Reviews
9.5 Pure Vibes
9.0 Review Scale
382/400 Review Points
Not Buggy 0.9/1
Not Janky 0.9/1
Good UI 1/1
Controller and Deck 0.8/1
Lots of Content 0.7/1
Good Theme 1/1
Good Graphics and Sound 1/1
Fun Feel 0.9/1
Unique Twists 0.8/1
Vibe Check 1/1

Metacritic Scores

- +

This title has metacritic data! The "fuck the man" score is adjusted so each person's review is equally weighted, regardless of critic or fan status.


9.0 Converted 10 Point Score
2 Number of Critic Reviews


6.2 User Review Average
3 Number of User Reviews


7.6 Direct Average
7.3 "Fuck The Man" Combined Mean

Voidigo Tag Cloud

- +

More sortable taxonomies and categories associated with the game (genre tags are available in the main game table line!) We've just started adding tags to enable more sorting options, this section will get more filled out as we go!

Release Tags

Steam DeckWindows PCReleased

Sorting Categories

Very Different

Genre and Control Style Tags

Bullet HeavenBullet HellDungeon CrawlerFemale ProtagonistRoguelikeRogueliteStory RichTop Down or IsometricTwin Stick Shooter

Aesthetic Tags

2DArtyCutePixel ArtUglycuteVivid

Setting / Story Tags


Control Styles


Game Mode Tags

Branching PathsCampaignColony / Town BuildingDifficulty ModesDungeon CrawlLevel Based45m

Features and Extras

SoundtrackSteam AchievementsSteam Cloud



Game Features

- +

Listing various features we've got info on.


  • Local: Co-Op
  • Online: Co-Op (Remote Play)
  • Player Count: 2
  • Leaderboards: ?

Steam Features

  • Steam Cloud: Yes
  • Steam Achievements: 120
  • Steam Leaderboards: No
  • Steam Workshop: No
  • Steam Trading Cards: No

Extras, Etc.

  • NSFW: No
  • Demo Available: No
  • DLC Available: No
  • Soundtrack Available: YouTube Spotify

Marketing Blurb

- +

Some description of the game and its features from the creators.

"A vividly animated action roguelite focused on boss hunting. Unleash an array of diverse weapons and powerups to combat the corruption of the Void."

"Select from an array of ranged and melee weapons to combat the looming corruption. Master the art of dodging and stun your enemies with stomps to tip the balance in your favor."

"Voidigo's numerous bosses, corrupted by the void, offer fierce resistance. They may flee mid-battle, giving you a choice: pursue or regroup. However, hesitate too long, and they'll begin hunting you."

"In your battle, collect diverse power-ups for exciting synergies. Trade weapons and resources to customize your playstyle."

Game Modes

- +

Dungeon Crawl
Branching Paths
Level Based
Colony / Town Building
Difficulty Modes

Game Mode Notes

"Each run will have three worlds with their own set of bosses. Certain rooms will have beacons which unlock a portion of the boss' health. When a certain amount of beacons are activated, the boss will spawn, chase you, and potentially flee if it has been fighting you for long enough. The final boss will combine elements from all the bosses you faced in that run."

"There are two extra game modes, Final Run and New Run +. Without spoiling anything, Final Run adds extra attacks on top of normal attacks, spawns harder enemies, makes the shop more "expensive" and has other nasties sprawled around the map. New Run + can randomly have elements from Final Run, but can be looped. The game has a wide range of difficulties and a few different modes like Final Run and New Run +, but no actual modifiers to change the game much."

Run Times & Speedups

- +

Average Run Time: 45m

Run Time Notes

Runs are in a dungeon crawling style, not arena wave survival.

Adorn: Runs are "30 minutes to an hour depending on how many things you interact with, difficulty, and skill"

"There are 4 worlds, World 1 is around 10 minutes, 2 is around 15, and 3 can take 20-30 minutes. The last world is the final fight and is roughly 5-10 minutes."

""One More Run": "It's very addicting and really easy to restart. It's a bit harder to put down since you can only save at certain points."

Speed Settings

Higher difficulties increase enemy speed by a pretty significant margin but there is no specific speed up option.

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