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This section includes games with fan scores submitted via score card or web form or I'm currently playing or researching or discussing with devs.

They'll be moved up top after I've checked it all over and adjusted the feature scores to be in line with how other games are scored.


Gunfire Reborn

DLC Released

Very Different. Popular first person shooter rogue-lite, though it's level based and many other differences it often comes up when people say they want a "rogue-lite game but first person" after playing all the top down ones. First Impressions: Personally, it feels like a good choice if I'm totally out of Borderlands to play (I'm not) or want more Risk of Rain style multiplayer options. I don't think it's really very survivors-like, even among the first person rogue-lites. If you want a horde shooter, this may not be your top pick. Note: This game is currently being compared on the scale and notes will likely be in flux!

Action RPG Dungeon Crawler First Person Shooter Looter Shooter Rogue-lite
5.9 Combined Ranking Score
-/72 Ranking Position
1159/1600 Total Points
8.5 Final Review
93% Steam
8.1 Scale
8 Vibes
91541 Steam Reviews
354/400 Review Points
3.4 Similarity Score
67% Diagnosis:
Very Different
805/1200 Comparison Points
56% Genre 1/8 genre
9% Simple Controls -5.8/7 move
58% Survival Modes 0.6/4 modes
69% Power Progression 1.5/4 level
88% Buildcrafting Depth 3.8/5 build
94% Stage Features 6.2/7 stage
89% Content Breadth 7/9 stuff
63% Aesthetics 1.5/6 style
79% Gameplay Vibe Check 5.7/10 vibe vibe

Gunfire Reborn Ranking Notes

- +

Scaling and Review Notes

Personal Hours Played: 2

Every game ranked was played, but also scaled based on research, talking to developers & your feedback. The priority with the scale's initial design was to compare similarity on relatively objective features - so it doesn't claim to include reviews of the depth and clarity you'd get at a games journalism site, nor the intensive time played you might get from player reviews on steam. We try to incorporate and link all of that along with a 'review scale' that checks for bugs. See the heatmap and breakdown! Time played noted so you can take any notes with a big grain of salt! I can't get to high level gameplay in 850+ games so I heavily research every game. Over 80 game creators let me interview or survey them! I Hope to go back and refine. Please argue or submit your own scores and reviews to be incorporated with credit into the notes and score numbers.

Added or last checked on 12/23/2023

crown-prince-from_gunfire-reborn.pngFirst impressions! Scoring subject to change as I play more - but it's not a survivors-like really so it's not top priority.

A first person shooter rogue-lite that sometimes comes up recommended to survivors-like fans looking to switch up the gameplay perspective. I'm just starting to try it out, as it seems to be one of the recent titles with a larger player base and many play hours visible in the steam reviews. However, it doesn't seem to be oriented around wave survival. It's more like a dungeon crawler.

A big draw here is the multiplayer, which allows up to 4 players co-op. As a big Borderlands/Destiny player on steam (with my partner), this one has been shoved in my face by the platform for a couple years now (It fully came out in November 2021 after a year and a half of Early Access from May 2020.)

It's not a bullet heaven - while you certainly shoot a lot of bullets and can get quite OP, the enemies are always going to be shooting a lot as well. It's not really a bullet hell either, though, since you don't weave your way among enemy shot patterns. It's just an FPS.

nospawn/crown-prince-from_gunfire-reborn.webpIt's got a low polygon cel shaded aesthetic which is overall alright for the enemies and sometimes quite cute for the characters. It can be pretty sometimes but most of the time just serves its purpose. The vibe is a kind of eastern adventure RPG, a little more cozy and definitely more furry than the Borderlands wastelands that obviously inspired it.

Translation from chinese can feel a little stilted. It's hard to say if the game has/had more personality in the writing before that. Some weapons (like literally just a brick) are funny enough to give it some positive score in subtle humor.

Overall it can feel a little underwhelming aesthetically when you focus on the details, but I think it's likely the visual style prioritizes being able to work on a wide variety of machines to enable the multiplayer aspect. And it's not a AAA studio, which of course I respect.

The controls are much more complex than most of the games on this list, which makes sense considering it's a first person shooter. Compared to other FPS games, though, it's somewhat simplified in some areas and mixed up in others. For example, the first character and many weapons use a secondary fire on the left trigger instead of an aim. There's a dodge instead of a sprint/run and so on.

I think the general gameplay and controls, along with character styles, would feel at home to Risk of Rain 2 players. It does seem to be missing some of that verticality (also from games like destiny) and to me it's also missing some of the visual depth and vibe that keeps a game on my big screen, but I'm looking forward to playing more on steam deck.

Honestly I admit kind of wanking around in first person shooters, so I tend to enjoy ones that let me die a lot in co-op.

nospawn/tao-from_gunfire-reborn.pngThe initial tutorial walkthrough makes it feel more complicated than it really is - part of why I dislike them - as overall it's got a currency unlock menu and some character upgrades. The major way you progress in game is by picking up weapons, which comparing stats on is kind of more complex than a simple 3 or 4 card level option (hence the related low score for streamlined levels). Find based unlocks exist here too.

I'm counting the elemental fusion system (synergy from attacking with different weapon elements) as a partial score for weapon combination.

It's more expensive than many of the games on this list, but given the 3D first person art style, it makes sense. It's still cheap enough to consider buying a copy for your partner or friend to play with you.

I think this is likely a great option to try if you really want an FPS roguelite, but also won't really appeal to core survivors-likes fans looking for a very similar mechanics vibe either from a bullet heaven or simplified controls/ui perspective.

Pixel sprites are from Steam emotes, not in game.

Gunfire Reborn Similarity Scale Heatmap

- +

Measured in 60 categories via likert-scale style options -1 to 1 in tenths, how does this game compare to Vampire Survivors. This allows 1200 total "points". It's easier to have a point of comparison and we just picked Vampire Survivors since it's the most popular and commonly referenced game in the subgenre. For detailed methodology read the explainer. For in depth examples at score value, see the scoring guide and for term definitions see the key.

3.4 Similarity Score
67% Diagnosis:
805/1200 Comparison Points
Rogue-lite 1/1
Auto-Fire / Auto-Battle -1/1
Real Time 1/1
Top Down or Isometric -1/1
Direct Control of Single Avatar 1/1
Arcade Style 0.5/1
Bullet Heaven A (Many Player Bullets) 0.5/1
Bullet Heaven B (Few Enemy Bullets) -1/1
One Handed Play (w Controller) -1/1
Move Only -1/1
No Dash -1/1
No Trigger -1/1
No Special Move -1/1
No Aiming -1/1
No On-Aim / On-Fire Movement Penalty 0.2/1
Timed / Boss Ended Survival 0/1
Endless Mode 0.5/1
Organic / Unannounced Waves 0.1/1
High Enemy Count (Horde) 0/1
Level Up on XP Gain Event 0/1
Streamlined Level Choices (Simple UI) -0.5/1
Currency Based Meta Unlocks 1/1
Goal Based Meta Unlocks 1/1
Build Crafting 0.8/1
Weapon Combination / "Evolution" 0.2/1
Interesting Item / Weapon / Ability Synergy 0.8/1
Broken / Invincible Builds Possible 1/1
Explorable Map 1/1
BIG Maps 0.4/1
XP on Ground 0.8/1
Health on Ground 1/1
Temp Powerups / Items on Ground 1/1
Treasure Chests and/or Loot Events 1/1
Vendor / Merchant on Run 1/1
Enemy Variety 1/1
Bosses / Elites 1/1
Many Interesting Characters 1/1
Many Challenges 1/1
Multiple Stages 1/1
Difficulty Modifiers ?/1
Bestiary / Lore ?/1
Achievements 1/1
Secrets 1/1
Retro / Pixel Art -0.1/1
Damage Numbers 1/1
Lofi Charm 0.1/1
Bumpin Music 0/1
Fun Writing 0/1
Subtle Humor 0.5/1
Panic & Zen Duo Vibe 0/1
Over the Top 0/1
"One More Run" / Short Runs 0.5/1
Difficulty Ramp 1/1
Fun Ramp 1/1
Low Price 0/1
Technical Check 0.9/1
Controls Check 0.8/1
Fun Check 1/1
Feels like VS -0.5/1

Gunfire Reborn Review Scale Heatmap

- +

The review scale is judged from -1 to 1 in 10 categories, with 200 possible "points" earned. Steam review positive percentage is worth another 100 points, and a "ten point" pure vibe review number adds extra subjectivity. Converted into points, that's 400 points total. The points aren't used directly in the ranking, though, which averages the three number scores for the final review score listed in the game line above.

8.5 Final Review
93% Positive Steam Reviews
91541 Steam Reviews
8 Pure Vibes
8.1 Review Scale
354/400 Review Points
Not Buggy 0.9/1
Not Janky 0.8/1
Good UI 0.8/1
Controller and Deck 1/1
Lots of Content 0.9/1
Good Theme 0.8/1
Good Graphics and Sound 0.7/1
Fun Feel 0.7/1
Unique Twists 0.8/1
Vibe Check 0.7/1

Metacritic Scores

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This title has metacritic data! The "fuck the man" score is adjusted so each person's review is equally weighted, regardless of critic or fan status.


7.5 Converted 10 Point Score
10 Number of Critic Reviews


7.2 User Review Average
18 Number of User Reviews


7.4 Direct Average
7.3 "Fuck The Man" Combined Mean

Gunfire Reborn Tag Cloud

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More sortable taxonomies and categories associated with the game (genre tags are available in the main game table line!) We've just started adding tags to enable more sorting options, this section will get more filled out as we go!

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Windows PCDLCReleased

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Very Different

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Action RPGDungeon CrawlerFirst Person ShooterLooter ShooterRogue-lite

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CartoonCell ShadedLow Poly

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Game Mode Tags

Level BasedLong TutorialProcedurally GeneratedUnskippable TutorialUnknown

Features and Extras




Game Features

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Listing various features we've got info on.


  • Local: ?
  • Online: ?
  • Player Count: ?
  • Leaderboards: ?

Steam Features

  • Steam Cloud: ?
  • Steam Achievements: ?
  • Steam Leaderboards: ?
  • Steam Workshop: ?
  • Steam Trading Cards: ?

Extras, Etc.

  • NSFW: ?
  • Demo Available: ?
  • DLC Available: ?
  • Soundtrack Available: ?

Critic Review Excerpt

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Here's another perspective to evaluate the game.

Marketing Blurb

- +

Some description of the game and its features from the creators.

"Gunfire Reborn is a level-based adventure game featuring FPS, Roguelite and RPG. Players can control heroes with various abilities to experience diverse Build gameplay, use various weapons to explore procedurally-generated levels. You can play the game alone, or join 4-player coop."

"Every level is random; each new restart is a brand-new experience. You will meet different heroes and experience new weapons, items, checkpoints, and unique combat rhythms throughout the game."

Control Style Notes

- +

It's a pretty typical first person shooter, though it has a dash style move instead of sprint and many weapons have alternate fire instead of aim.

There's jumping, but it's not particularly vertically oriented (unlike Destiny, for example.)

Automated Features


Supported Controls

  • Controller: Yes
  • Controller Move Only: No
  • Controller One Handed: No
  • Mouse Only: No
  • Keyboard Only: No
  • Keyboard One Handed: No

Run Times & Speedups

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Average Run Time: Unknown

Run Time Notes


Speed Settings