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Impaler » What’s that buzzing sound?

Hey everyone!

In the last update we’ve laid the groundwork for introducing exciting new content to Impaler. This time around, we are thrilled to introduce NEW MONSTER CLASS – Hornet and Hive, alongside some balance adjustments, gameplay tweaks and bug fixes.

Here are the full patch notes:

Major Changes

  • New monster class – Hornet and Hive


  • Has a melee and ranged attack
  • Includes both a large and small variation
  • Spawns from hives which can be destroyed before hornets hatch
  • Adds some nice variety to the monster lineup


Balance and Gameplay
  • Reduced delay between monsters spawning and attacking
  • Rockets from monsters now create shrapnel making them more dangerous
  • Slightly increased speed of grenade enemies
  • Improved teleport logic for the large stoics
Audio and visual
  • Fixed missing particle effect on permanent jump pads
  • Stakes no longer stick to objects and monsters (didn’t look good)
  • Overheat sounds is no longer interrupted when switching weapons
UI and UX
  • Some minor improvements to the choose upgrade menu
Bug fixes and Technical
  • Fixed some weirdness with harvester projectiles (sometime would bounce off of monsters in previous version)
  • Fixed ambient monster sounds continuing to play after death in some cases
  • Fixed monsters sometime moving while playing a non-walk animation
  • Fixed monsters melee attacking when stuck behind non-destructible objects
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from accumulating bullet time for certain monster attacks
  • Fixed a missing localization in the upgrades UI

That would be all for this patch. We hope you enjoy fighting new monsters, while waiting for a bigger and chunkier update. It’s coming, but we want to make sure we hit all the right spots with it, so if you have any ideas or suggestions of what would you like to see in the game, feel free to share them on Steam forums, or our official Discord server.

As always, please share Impaler with your friends and leave a Steam review if you’re enjoying the game to help us reach even more players.

See you in the next one!

Apptivus and Retrovibe