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Nation Red » Version 1.96 now live on Steam

Hello everyone,

In a few weeks, April will see a special Nation Red update.

In the meantime, version 1.96 has just been released by Valve:

– Added Survival Mode to On-line coop games + enabled leaderboard (hardcore mode – lots of running enemies)

– Fixed ‘Right-Hand Man’ and ‘Payback’ achievements

– Adjusted Powerup Hook and Snare in multiplayer games

– Players who join a multiplayer game in-progress are given a Cloak perk when they join to be invisible for some time to prevent a sudden death

– Shared Xp now gives correct Xp in multiplayer games. High-scores in Shared Xp are now as easy/difficult as in non-Shared Xp mode

– Push to Talk can be bound to a gamepad button

– Most achievements should now be trackable even during coop games

– Several small bug fixes