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X Invader » Version 0.6.4 Update Patch Notes

Hello Invaders!

We have conducted a comprehensive balancing effort to address the penalties associated with existing Add-ons, aiming to enhance the diversity of build choices.

After the update, if you encounter any issues during gameplay,
please follow the link below to perform a file integrity check:

◆ Update Version : V 0.6.4

◆ Patch Notes :

1. Balance Adjustment

1-1) Ooparts Effect Adjustments

– ‘Wig of Awakening’ penalty: Attack Speed increase effect removed, Physical Damage adjusted from 18% to 20%.
– ‘Steam Pack’ penalty effect removed, Attack Speed increase amount adjusted from 1.45% to 1.2%.
– ‘Giantization’ penalty effect removed.

1-2) Weapon Upgrade Effects Modification

* DDOS Gauntlet
– High-Powered Plasma Bullet: Penalty removed, Execution now deals 5% of the target’s health.
– High Compression Charger: Penalty removed, Attack Speed increase reduced from 30% to 15%.
– Shadow Bullet: Penalty removed, Attack Speed increase reduced from 40% to 25%.
– High Efficiency Magazine: Penalty removed.

* Code Cutter
– Blade Storm: Penalty removed, blade damage 10 → 7

* Vaccine Crasher
– Flaming Sea: Penalty removed, Flame Damage reduced from 20% to 10%.

* E-Laser
– Elemental Blast Laser: Penalty removed, and the elemental laser explosion effect now triggers every 15 attacks instead of every 10.
– Elemental Maximizer Cannon: Penalty removed, and the elemental damage increase has been adjusted from 30% to 15%.

* Common
– Changed the total weapon upgrade loop Add-ons to 2.
– Updated some icons for weapon upgrade Add-ons.

1-3) Etc.
– The AVATAR ‘Carp Princess’ Reload Speed has been adjusted from 80% to 40%.
-Modified the Vaccine Crasher gas explosion to activate by default with the last shot..

2. Improvement

– Changes to the ‘Treasure Trove’ upgrade effects
( Level 1 upgrade: +1 Add-on Slot, Level 2 upgrade: +1 Ooparts Slot )
– Removed the penalty where enemies were immune to elemental and summoning damage in random penalties at Security Level 5.

Thank you for playing X Invader.
Enjoy your gameplay and have fun! 🙂