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The Dungeon Beneath » v1.4.0 – The Beast Update

The Beast Update has arrived! This update is one of our largest yet, including 8 new playable characters, 3 new heroes, a new secret boss, and much more!


This update brings a new keyword: bloodcast! These abilities can be triggered once per round by right-clicking a character. Each bloodcast ability costs a certain amount of health. Bloodcasting is exclusive to the new minotaur beasts.

Beasts also bring a new faction: the Claw. Heroes with this faction will encounter more beasts at campfires.


This update contains eight new characters that can be found at campfires, and three new heroes.

Available at Levels 1 to 3:

  • Ember Blood
  • Iron Blood
  • Sun Horn
  • War Bear

Available at Levels 2 to 3:

  • Forest Spirit
  • Hellion
  • Spirit Caller

Available at Level 3:

  • Spirit Bear (unlockable)

New Heroes:

  • Dominique Boutroux, the Traveling Merchant (unlockable)
  • Elsbeth, Artificer (unlockable)
  • Mariana, Vengeance Seeker


A new secret boss can be encountered by first transforming a [REDACTED] then [REDACTED]. Be warned, this boss is significantly more challenging than other encounters! However, once defeated, you’ll unlock [REDACTED]. The boss also has two new steam achievements for [REDACTED].

Additionally, a number of encounters have been updated with new enemies:

  • New enemy boss – Mimic
  • New enemy – Cobra
  • New enemy – Explosive Barrel
  • New enemy – Skeletal Guard
  • New enemy – Spider
  • New enemy – Cave Spirit
  • New Enemy – Perfect Simulae
  • New Enemy – Thief

  • Artifact- Jack’s Remembrance. Allied Beasts gain +1 Health and +2 Speed.
  • Equipment – Taur’s Cleaver. +1 Attack. Beast only.
  • Equipment – Ancestral Gem. When any character bloodcasts, gain +1 Power. Beast only.
  • Equipment – Death’s Grace. When this character would die, destroy this instead.
  • Potion – Temporal Potion. Your hero transforms into an older or younger version of themselves. Hero only.

  • The Clypaen Simulae enemy hero now has the ability “Round End: Give another ally Shield.”
  • Taur, the Exiled now has more health but no longer gains an attack bonus from Lizardfolk.
  • The Spirit Shackles’ summon is no longer invisible. However, the summon has more attack.
  • The Soul of the Keeper now reduces your hero’s health to 1. Previously it had the downside “Battle start: Your hero takes 1 damage.”

  • Heroes can now be viewed in the Book of Champions.
  • The Book of Champions now includes a glossary of all keywords.
  • It’s now easier to tell which allies died in a combat.
  • The Ember Spirit encounter now has a tutorial better explaining how to defeat the encounter.
  • The Primordial Flame environment ability and round end ability have been swapped. This should make the lane-wide AOE less of a surprise!


Localization for the new update is currently in beta. Want to help improve the localization for this update? Check out our Localizor page.

Do you have thoughts for what you’d like to see in-game? Let us know on our forums!

As always, thanks for playing!