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The Dungeon Beneath » v1.3.2 – The Dwarven Update

v1.3.2 is finally here! This update brings new characters, new items, and new dungeon rooms!


The dwarves have arrived! This update brings four new dwarves and three other playable characters.

Cleric of the Hammer. Begins unlocked and can be found at L1, L2, and L3. Summoned hammers have 1 HP and deal 1/2/3 damage at L1/2/3. After attacking, hammers take 1 damage.

Brewmaster. Begins unlocked and can be found at L1, L2, and L3.

Runesmith. Begins unlocked and can be found at L1, L2, and L3.

Battle Thane. Begins unlocked and can be found at L2, and L3.

Xerxis. Begins unlocked and can be found at L2, and L3. Poison Scales have 2 HP and deal 1 damage. In addition, they are poisonous and inexhaustible.

Ven, the Eldest. Unlockable. Can only be found at L3.

Aeron, Forest Spirit. Can only be found at L3.


Xandos, Golden Emperor is an unlockable variation of the basic hero.


In addition to unlocking new characters at the end of each run, you can now unlock new dungeon rooms.

  • Bonfires. These upgraded campfires have five characters to choose from, instead of three. In addition, each bonfire offers a Potion of Experience for purchase.
  • Treasure Rooms. Each treasure room rewards you with extra gold.
  • Aamon’s Treasure Room. Aamon offers a cursed ring that gives you gold every battle but comes with a special drawback.

Note that Andromalius and the Key Smith are now unlocked through the progression.


Legendary is the hardest difficulty yet! In addition to increasing the difficulty of most battles, new enemies will appear during each of the Old God fights. Note that you’ll need to defeat New Game+++++ to unlock Legendary even if you’ve previously completed New Game+++++ (sorry). Additionally, the Portal area has a new final boss with a special achievement.

  • Buffed Arcane Archer from 3/4 HP to 4/6 HP at L1/2.
  • Buffed Sage of the Word from 3 HP to 4 HP at L2.
  • Buffed Ranger from 4/5 HP to 5/7 HP at L1/2.
  • Removed “Attacks the lowest health enemy” from Wrath Conduit. Added inexhaustible.
  • Throwing Axe. Dwarf only. Counter: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy.
  • Holy Axe. Dwarf only. When this character gains health, they also gain +1 Power.
  • Star Stone. Elemental only. +1 Attack.
  • Follower’s Cloak. Follower only. +2 HP.
  • Hatchling Egg. Lizardfolk only. After the first round, summon a lizardfolk Hatchling.
  • …also added some secrets.

  • Venina’s Hex now has “Battle Start: Poison two random enemies.” Previously only poisoned one.
  • Essence Collector now has “When a non-summoned ally dies, summon two Blood Wisps.” Previously only summoned one.
  • Everburning Flame now has “Round End: Give an ally +1 Power.”
  • Jack’s Fiddle now has “When you visit a campfire or bonfire, gain 3 gold.” Was previously one 2 gold.
  • Royal Insignia now has “Battle Start: Your hero attacks.” in addition to “Your first refresh at each campfire and store is free.”
  • Quickdraw Quiver now has “Battle Start: Allied Archers attack twice”. Was previously only once.
  • The Arbiter’s Blade now has “Battle Start: Give your hero +3 Power and Shield.” Previously was only a power buff.
  • Green Scale Wand now has “Round End: Give a random summoned ally +1 Armor.” Previously targeted beasts.
  • Midas Potion now creates a statue that sells for 10 gold (up from 6 gold).
  • Berserker’s Axe and Midas Belt are now slightly cheaper but Dwarf only.

  • Lycanthropes now have 5 Speed (down from 7).
  • Several encounters now have Ancient Urns. This is intended to make these fights slightly easier for Doom builds, or builds that rely on killing enemies.
  • Enchantress now has 10 HP (down from 14).
  • Veninic Simulae now changes lanes at the end of each round.

  • Nazzatoth’s boon now offers slightly better items.
  • The poison tooltip now specifies that characters only take damage after their normal attack – not any attack.
  • Invisible characters are now slightly transparent.
  • The Berserker has updated visuals to better match the “dwarven aesthetic.”

  • Potion of Transformation no longer gives certain L2 characters.
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy hero wouldn’t take damage in certain circumstances from the Venin Cap item (thanks Stardust Hippi for spotting this!)
  • The Blood Hex artifact now correctly summons a Blood Shade in any lane.
  • Fixed a bug where items were being prevented from being equipped on your hero in specific situations.
  • The Merchant no longer “steals” items if you refresh the shop while items are on the ground.

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As always, thanks for playing!