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The Dungeon Beneath » v1.3.1 – The Artifact Update

v1.3.1 is here! This update brings new artifacts, new encounters, and new characters!


October is upon us! In preparation for Halloween, we’ve added four new playable characters. All characters begin unlocked and are available at L1, L2, and L3.

  • Butcher. When this character kills an enemy, restore 1 health to a non-heroic damaged ally once / twice / three times.
  • Cleric of the Dark. When this character kills an enemy, gain Shield.
  • Sanguinist. Round End: Summon an enemy Blood Shade in this lane. Blood Shades are 1 health enemies that deal 4 damage to the enemy hero on death.
  • Venin Drinker. When a poisoned character dies, restore 1/2/3 health.


This update adds 16 brand-new artifacts:

  • Bathin’s Book. Battle Start: Gain 1 gold. Your Hero has 2 less Health.
  • Blood Hex. After the first round, summon an enemy Blood Shade.
  • Book of Haste. Allied Mages can’t be exhausted.
  • Edric’s Boots. Your hero attacks an additional time.
  • Elemental Essence. Allied Elementals have +2 Health.
  • Essence Blade. Your hero has “Doom: Gain +1 Power”.
  • Fey Sorcery. When an ally is summoned, give them +2 Power.
  • Molten Mallet. Round End: Give a random allied Fighter +1 Armor.
  • Quickdraw Quiver. Battle Start: All allied Archers attack.
  • Staff of the Flame. Battle Start: Deal 5 damage to a random enemy.
  • Staff of the Sky. Battle Start: Deal 4 damage randomly split between all enemies.
  • Staff of the Void. Round End: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy.
  • Strange Brew. Battle Start: Give +1 Attack to an allied Lizardfolk, Gnome, and Elemental .
  • The Lost Blade. Your hero has +1 Attack and +2 Speed.
  • Token of the Alliance. Battle Start: Give Shield to an allied Human, Dwarf, and Elf.
  • Venin Distiller. When a poisoned character dies, restore 1 health to a non-heroic damaged ally.


This update adds eight new enemy encounters, four of which are unique to New Game+ and higher.

All difficulties:

  • Awakened Thicket
  • The Crone
  • Skeletal Skorpid
  • Nightmare

New Game+ and higher:

  • Brood Mother
  • Fetterbite Smithy
  • The Enchantress
  • Flesh Giant

  • Character stats now track the highest difficulty that a character has defeated. Defeating New Game+++++ with a specific character now displays a special medal in the Book of Heroes. (Note that this wasn’t tracked before v1.3.1, so you will need to re-defeat a difficulty to see the change… sorry.)
  • Champion’s Plate now gives +3 Health (down from 4) but can be equipped by any Human (previously was Hero only).
  • Immortal Helm now has the ability “Doom: Gain +1 Armor.” Previously was “Counter: Gain +1 Armor.”
  • Dialogue font size increased.
  • You can now sell items at the Witch’s shop.
  • You can now place items on the ground in the Lost Mage’s room.

  • Fixed a bug where the Night Marksman could unexpectedly lose Power when they were using certain items (thanks Advanced Gaming Cow for spotting this!)
  • Spirit Shackles now specifies that the Avenging Spirit is invisible.
  • Faceless Legionary and The Oracle can no longer be obtained from Illifar’s Boon.
  • Clarified the wording for Counter.

Do you have thoughts for what you’d like to see in-game? Let us know on our forums!

As always, thanks for playing!