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The Dungeon Beneath » v1.3.0 – The Portal Update

The Portal Update has arrived in The Dungeon Beneath! This update brings a number of new features, including a new area!


The Portal Update unlocks an entire new area! You can find the area by defeating each of the three Old Gods, then [REDACTED].


The Keeper’s Gifts have been replaced with “Boons.” After defeating one of the three Old Gods (on any difficulty) their unique Boon will appear in the Statue Room. Unlike Keeper Gifts, once you’ve unlocked a Boon, it will be available on all your subsequent runs. However, you can only select a single Boon at that the start of each run. Note that if you’ve previously defeated one of the Old Gods before the Portal Update, you’ll need to defeat them again after the update to unlock the Boon. (Sorry.)


  • The Blood of Abaddon. Gain 8 gold.
  • The Blood of Illifar. Gain a random Level 2 character.
  • The Blood of Nazzatoth. Gain a random item.


Five new rooms have been added throughout the Dungeon.

  • The Keysmith. The Keysmith sells keys for The Black Market, The Giant, and The Servant of Greed.
  • The Black Market. The Black Market sells items for 3 gold cheaper (with a minimum of 1 gold per item).
  • The Giant. The Giant always has the same six items. Choose wisely – you can only take one!
  • The Servant of Greed. The Servant of Greed is a challenging fight that rewards 16 Gold.
  • The Lost Mage. The Lost Mage can be found by [REDACTED].


  • Custom Game. After defeating each of the three Old Gods, you’ll unlock the “Custom Game” option from the main menu. This option lets you select your starting hero and artifact (including a few “just for fun” heroes).
  • Healing Potions at Campfires. You can now purchase a healing potion at each Campfire for 1 gold.
  • Artifact Rerolls. You can now reroll artifacts for 2 gold. Unlike campfires and merchants, you won’t see the same artifact twice.
  • Aurum Worms. Be careful. You will now encounter dangerous Aurum Worms when [REDACTED]. However, defeating an Aurum Worm will [REDACTED].
  • Four new achievements. Very Lost, Just Golden, Fate+++++, and Close the Portal.

  • Sharpshooter now has 1 Attack and reads “When an enemy gains Poison, deal 1/2/3 damage to them”. (Previously, Sharpshooter read ‘When an enemy gains Poison, deal 1 damage to them”.)
  • Amguan now has 5 health (up from 4 health).
  • Maeledox now reads “When this character gains Power, they also gain Shield. Scheme: Curse the nearest enemy.” (Previously Maeledox only had the Scheme ability.)
  • Venin Witch now summons a Poison Slime after the first round (and another Poison Slime after the second round at L3). This is in addition to her previous ability of dealing double damage to Poisoned characters.
  • Taz’gyn, Ascended Summoner now has Inexhaustible in addition to his previous ability.

  • (NEW ITEM) Death Cap. Gnome Only. When a poisoned character dies, restore 1 health.
  • (NEW ITEM) Berserker’s Axe. Fighter Only. Gain +1 Attack if below max health.
  • (UPDATED ITEM) Soul Stealer. When this character kills an enemy, restore 1 health. (Previously the Soul Stealer was hero-only; it’s now open to all characters.)
  • (UPDATED ARTIFACT) Spirit Shackles. The first time an ally dies, summon an Avenging Spirit. The Avenging Spirit now has 2 attack, up from 1.
  • (UPDATED ARTIFACT) Troll Blood. When your hero kills an enemy, they restore 2 health. (Previously the effect triggered at the start of each battle.)
  • (UPDATED ARTIFACT) Ethereal Essence. When an ally loses shield, give them +1 Attack. (Previously gave +3 Power instead.)

  • Abaddon’s “Greed” attack now only summons three Golden Spheres (down from four).
  • Nazzatoth no longer has a base attack; the Old God only summons Shadows.
  • The Sightless One’s “Win in 3 rounds” bonus objective has been updated to “Win in 4 rounds.”

  • Character unlocks now require ~30% fewer points.
  • A high-contrast mouse cursor is now available in the Settings menu.
  • The Settings menu additionally has an option that will automatically prompt the “Reset Battle” menu if you die before resetting.

  • Elemancer now correctly specifies that their ability only triggers from allied elementals.
  • Invisible characters no longer prevent the Tinkerer’s bombs from exploding in certain situations.

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As always, thanks for playing!