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The Dungeon Beneath » v1.2.1 – The Mage Update

v1.2.1 is here! This update brings four new mages, a new hero, item rebalancing, and much more!

The Primordial Flame, a new Abyss boss.


  • Lightning Adept. Available at L1, L2, and L3.
  • Maeledox. Available at L2, and L3.
  • Nangruil the Alchemist. Unlockable. Available at L3.
  • Steel Summoner. Available at L1, L2, and L3.


Taz’gyn, Ascended Summoner is a variation of the basic hero. Taz’gyn can be unlocked through the standard progression.


We’ve updated some of the underused characters:

  • Divine Protector. Now has the ability “Whenever an ally is summoned, give them Shield.” Previously was “Death: Give all allies Shield” (at L3). Designer’s note: While powerful in some fights, the original Divine Protector was underwhelming later on. Additionally, the original design didn’t clearly fit into an existing build. The updated design gives more options to summon-based builds.
  • Night Marksman. Can now be found at L1.
  • Enchanter. Now has the ability “Round End: Give all allied Mages +1 Power” at L1. Previously the Enchanter only had “Round End: Give a random allied Mage +1 Power” at L1.
  • Xandos (hero). Now starts with 1 Attack (up from 0).


New item: Midas Belt. 5 gold. -1 Health. Battle Start: Gain 1 gold.

The cost of the following items has been reduced:

  • Sanguine Wand. 4 gold to 3 gold.
  • Antivenin Ring. 4 gold to 3 gold.
  • Chain Mail. 7 gold to 6 gold.
  • Essence Vial. 3 gold to 2 gold.
  • Green Scale Wand. 6 gold to 4 gold.

The following items have been updated:

  • Lifeblood Ring. Now gives +1 Health and -2 Speed. Also changed from 3 gold to 2.
  • Mirrored Pendant. Now gives +1 Health in addition to Paralysis immunity.
  • Venin Shield. Now gives +4 Health (up from +3).
  • Armored Gloves. Now has “Battle Start: Gain +2 Armor” (up from +1).
  • Noble Plate. Now has “Death: Gain 2 gold.”


The Upper Dungeon:

  • Flit Fetterbite now has “Counter: Gain +1 Power” (down from +2).

The Underneath:

  • Wandering Orbs now target one of the nearest enemies in any lane, rather than targeting randomly.
  • In The Ancient One boss fight, the Lycan Alpha now only summons two Lycanthropes on death.
  • Firis now has “Counter: Deal 1 damage to the nearest enemy”. Previously Firis used to deal 2 damage randomly when countering. Additionally Venina now has “Round End: Move” in addition to Paralyzing Attacks.

The Abyss:

  • Unstable Radiance now moves at the end of the round.
  • The Mind Reaver now only attacks once (previously attacked twice).
  • New boss: Primordial Flame.

The Gods:

  • Abaddon’s Sloth and Lust attacks now target one of the nearest enemies in any lane, instead of targeting randomly.

  • Taz’gyn, Ascended Summoner now has a unique daily challenge.
  • The Sightless One encounter now has a unique bonus objective.
  • “Can’t be targeted” has now been replaced with the “Invisible” keyword.
  • The Druid’s attack has been updated to look less poisonous. (Thanks AdvancedGamingCow.)

  • The Curse tooltip now properly displays in all settings.
  • Winning Daily Challenges can now unlock the next difficulty. (Again, thanks AdvancedGamingCow!)
  • Selecting a hero, then refreshing the menu now properly clears the selection. (Thanks Trazz.)

Do you have thoughts for what you’d like to see in-game? Let us know on our forums!

As always, thanks for playing!