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The Dungeon Beneath » v1.2.0 – The Nazzatoth Update

Nazzatoth, Mother of Shadows, has arrived in The Dungeon Beneath! This update also brings a number of new and updated characters!


Nazzatoth is the third of the Old God. Cloaked in darkness, Nazzatoth commands an army of shadows.


  • Ayma, Lightning Caller, is an unlockable character who can be found at L3 in the Abyss.
  • The High Priestess is an unlockable character who can be found at L3 in the Abyss.
  • The Assassin begins unlocked and can be found at L2 or L3 in the Underneath or the Abyss.


This patch has increased the power of a number of L3 characters:

  • Ares, The Lost Knight now reads “Whenever this character gains armor they also gain +3 Power.” Previously Ares read “Whenever this character would gain armor, they gain +3 Power instead.”
  • Cyril, Master Animist now restores 1 health whenever an ally is summoned. Cyril’s bear form (Cyril, Groundshaker) also has this ability. In addition, Cyril, Groundshaker now had 20 HP (up from 15).
  • The Devourer now has 20 HP (up from 16).
  • Edric, Fencing Master is now multiclass (was previously a fighter).
  • Ixotle, Hatchling Ward now fills the board with Hatchlings at the start of the battle and on death (previously the ability only triggered on death).
  • Taur, the Exiled now gains 3 health whenever he kills an enemy, in addition to receiving +1 Attack for each allied Lizardfolk.

  • You can now see what Andromalius will transform an item into, if you’ve previously transformed that item.
  • Some artifacts can no longer be found in The Underneath and The Abyss. Specifically the Merchant’s Secret, Counterfeit Coins, Jack’s Fiddle, and the Royal Insignia. While these artifacts can be powerful, they’re underwhelming if you find them later in the run.

  • All Slimes are now correctly categorized as elementals, including the Poison Slimes produced by the Devourer.
  • Fixed several menu-related audio bugs.
  • The first battle now correctly displays the 4-gold reward.
  • A tooltip now displays for Multiclass characters.

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