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X Invader » V0.6.9 Hotfix Announcement

Hello Invaders!

We would like to inform you about the update that was carried out today.
Please refer to the details below.

■ Update Version: V0.6.9
■ Patch Notes:

1. Avatar Unlock Conditions and Price Changes
– Price of Avatars ‘Demon’ and ‘Angel’ changed to 2000 coins
– Unlock condition for ‘Carp Princess’ removed, price changed to 7000 coins

2. Bug Fixes
– Fixed a bug where GM’s speech balloon would not disappear
– Corrected an issue where the crosshair disappeared under certain conditions

3. Balance
– Adjusted effects of Commander Badger’s add-ons ‘High-Performance Virus’, ‘Generative Power’, ‘Contagious Power’
– Modified effects of Frost Pwincess’s add-ons ‘Cold Energy Absorption’, ‘Cold Enchantment Weapons’

If you encounter any issues during gameplay,
please report them to our Discord for a prompt response.

X Invader Discord:

We always appreciate everyone who plays X Invad