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BloodDome 99 » v0.6.0

The Vending Machine

You can now interact with the vending machine to purchase new perks and weapons. New items can be added to the vending machine by unlocking achievements, completing hidden goals, hitting milestones in total kills, total deaths, wins, and more. The vending machine will not give any information on perks/weapons so it’s up to you to experiment.

Other updates
  • A handful of perks/weapons have had their names, descriptions, prices, or effects changed
  • New pistol upgrade: spreadshot
  • New perk: Discerning Customer
  • Fractal gun reworked and buffed
  • Rifle: Sniper now affects all held weapons
  • Small enemies now get ‘staggered’ when hit
  • Boss projectiles are rendered above everything else so they’re easier to see
  • Boss ‘hover’ attack does less damage
  • Player starting health increased
  • Guitar enemies now shoot projectiles
  • Some changes to UI
  • Visibility setting: Resize crosshair
  • Visibility setting: Adjust/disable screen shake
  • Tweaked the level up effect slightly
  • Small changes to enemy masses (big enemies will be pushed less by smaller enemies)