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BloodDome 99 » v0.5.6

We had a lot of fun this Next Fest and it was great to get such a positive reception on our demo and livestreams. A few stealth updates came out during Next Fest, so if you’re wondering what happened between 0.5.2 and 0.56, these patch notes will fill in the gap. Cheers!

  • Added interactable objects/structures to the lobby (mostly placeholders for now)
  • Added visibility options: outlines, blood opacity
  • Leaderboard now shows on game over (with a rank of ‘DNF’)
  • New announcer lines
  • Some new SFX

Changes to The Metal Man
  • More resistant to pushback
  • Projectiles are bigger
  • Tweaked TMM title card

Balance and tweaks
  • The pushback effect when leveling up is bigger/more powerful
  • Effectiveness of run and gun slightly reduced
  • Adjusted price scaling of sponsors, armor piercing, rubber bullets, caffeinated
  • Guitar guys explode on death
  • Slight UI tweaks

  • Performance improvements
  • Blade Runner will never be offered if you already have Explosive Diarrhea
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes misrepresent the number of stacks of a given perk, in the perk selection screen
  • Fixed an issue where motorcycles would sometimes drop XP when hitting the wall
  • Fixed a typo: horder > hoarder
  • Fixed an issue that could cause unexpected behavior when using a gamepad to navigate UI
  • Fixed resolution changer so it holds its value