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Orc Survivor » v0.2.5: Minor bugfixes

This is a small release that fixes a few bugs from the last patch. Thanks to every one that reported these bugs!

– The Purist quest is now possible again. The new start-up sequence was counting your first weapon as an additional weapon pick-up, failing the purist quest incorrectly.
– Fix the shield weapon to position all its shields correctly. When you were at 4 shields, it would output all 4 shields in really weird positions, including 2 shields directly on top of each other.
– Adjust the Protean quest to only require 1/3/5 item unlocks, instead of 1/5/10. With the Passive items no longer being unlocks, this quest was impossible to complete. It’s breakpoints will be adjusted upwards as new weapons are added (for the rogue or future mage class).
– With the ‘one more time’ mod on the Blink weapon, it was possible to spam the teleport button to teleport more than just 2 times. This has been fixed.
– Remove the spin-up animation on the buzzsaw, and reduce its overall volume. This should make it a bit easier to keep buzzsaws moving around, even if you teleport around the map, losing the buzzsaws from your screen as you move.
– Add some additional null checks to the Blink weapon, as a safety mechanism to try to stop a potential crash scenario.