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Orc Survivor » v0.2.2: Bugfixes and balancing

Thanks to every one who’s played our early access so far! We’ve got a quick game release, that addresses a lot of the feedback and bugs we’ve received, as well as does another pass at balancing the game.

– Bugfixes:
— Prevent the notification drop-in from stopping mouse inputs on the Level-up screen.
— Fix level 4 of the warhorn to not have a duplicate weapon mod.
— Properly reward quest-based Steam achievements to our Playtesters.

– Balancing:
— When leveling up at max level, you now get an additional small bonus to one random attribute, in addition to the gold or heal restore that it previously gave.
— When exiting a level-up screen or chest screen, you now emit a knockback effect, giving you more space to get your bearings before getting back to the fight. This doesn’t effect projectiles, however.
— Add an indicator to point at the Super Gem and Super Coin. When too many gems or coins are spawned to the map, enemies add their experience to these super items, instead of dropping new items. But these items were often hard too track down, meaning you lose all the experience or gold you are accumulating.
— Make XP less plentiful. Xp gained now grows at 20% per wave, instead of 30%.
— You sometimes just die on the final wave. To try to combat this, reduced the number of elephants that spawn in the final wave. These are the biggest threat.
— Revive now restores you at half health, instead of 100%. This is to inventivize finding health regen items after a revive.
— Make unlocking your first revive cost way less. Having a single revive is often vital for surviving later waves, so this should be more accessible.
— Make the base Axe size 33% larger. The cooldown has been increased to compensate.
— Warhorn has been much too strong. Its base cooldown has been doubled. It still does quite a bunch of damage, but also remains very useful for its slow effect.
— The mimic transform animation duration has been cut in half, so you no longer have to wait as long to start chowing down on your enemies.
— Chariot champion health has been reduced by 40%. The chariot was often very hard to kill before the run finished.
— Adjust the battle ballad note color to make it easier to see.
— Add four additional hat unlocks to the warrior weapon tracks.
— Add an easier way to skip the chest animation. This was skippable with a right click, but is now also skippable with a double click.
— You no longer need to unlock passive items. Instead, a passive is always available if you have its associated weapon unlocked.
— New weapons are now unlocked after gaining their partner weapon only 8 times, instead of 15 times. This should lower the time it takes to unlock all weapons, getting you to the full action sooner.
— Nerf the bloodaxe heal from 5% to 3%. This is still very powerful, but hopefully means you can’t just AFK and heal through everything any more.
— Mimic mode now has a max of 300 damage per bite, meaning it should no longer one-shot bosses. This was much too powerful.
— Fix spawning rings of enemies. Perfect rings of enemies encircling you should now always be the case, as intended.
— Enemy explosions now deal even more damage to other enemies. This should cause the golems to explode their allies, as intended, even on higher difficulties.
— Add a blood effect to Javelin rip kills. This should make it easier to tell that there is an additional Javelin effect that is taking place.