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Witchcraft Survivors » v.0.8.7-beta update: Attack adjustments, Balancing and more!

Attack adjustments
Changed the behaviour of following attacks to make them differentiate more from similar attacks:
– Fire Flower
– Snowflake
– Triangle of Darkness
– Water Geyser
– Water Hurricane
– Fire Explosion
– Each Axe attack from all characters except the fire mage

Changed the spawning mode of following attacks from random on the map to spawning at a random enemy and decreased their damage in return:
– Fire Hand
– Magma Geyser
– Spiral of Doom

Also changed the possible spawning radius of several other attacks to make them appear nearer to the player.

Knockback Balancing
– Reduced amount of knockback by implementing a small time window after a push where the enemy can’t get pushed further.
– Reworked knockback to reduce the chance your own weapons push the enemy into you: Most attacks now either push the enemy away from you or you have time to react before the attack can push the enemy into you (attacks spawn further away or need some time to activate).

Other Balancing and Tweaks
– Napalm duration increased considerably (slightly decreased damage in return)
– Reduced tactical nuke damage.
– Skeleton Soldier Size – 30%
– Reduced hp of ghost wolves (non-pushable) considerably
– Changed Shorter Run Bonus Modifier from +15% Cooldown Reduction to +25% Attack Power.
– Adjusted the volume of sound effects of some attacks.
– Adjusted the art of some attacks to make them more consistent to each other.
– Base hero speed +5%
– Base enemy speed +2-4%
– Necromancer minions have another coloured outline now (dark red)