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Witchcraft Survivors » Update v1.2.0-beta: New Map, Performance optimizations and more!

Happy new year, everyone!

New Map
The 7th map is out!

After analyzing the performance metrics of the game i noticed that up to 60% of the game’s performance is used for drawing damage numbers.
I optimized the code that goes into drawing those, resulting in a significant fps increase. Even after this it’s still the most performance hungry thing in this game, so if you still experience performance issues you can disable those numbers in the options.
Further performance optimizations:
– Reduced pixel size of images that were too unnecessarily detailed compared to others.
Got rid of mini lag spikes that happened when images were loaded in with this change.
– Reworked code for shadows (slightly more fps)
– Reworked code for collecting crystals and gold (slightly more fps)

Summoned minions felt too weak and slow compared to regular spells, especially at later levels => Made most minions faster. Every mage that summons them got buffed that way, especially the necro mage.

Two new steam achievements
One for completing the map Trapped, another one for the new map Forest. The game is capped by steam to a maximum of 100 steam achievements at the moment (“profile features limited/steam is learning about this game”), so i can’t implement more for new maps. If the game manages to unlock the full profile features some day i plan to implement many more (and more content around those). The cap is lifted once the game gets high enough sales numbers and “player engagement” (not specified what that entails, probably reviews and such).

– Fixed issues for displays that have an aspect ratio of 16:10