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Swarmcade » Update #6 – The Aliens have landed

The sixth update for Swarmcade is now live, and it brings the second secret boss, another new character to unlock, another new ultimate weapon, a new regular weapon, balance changes, quality of life, tweaks, new achievements and bug fixes!

v0.6.5 Patch notes:

  • NEW Secret Boss added to Stage 2
  • NEW Hero added, Alien, starts with Space Bud, Cooldown++
  • NEW Weapon added, Nom Nom
, a hungry helper that eats foes whole!
  • NEW Weapon added, Space Pal, another space companion
  • NEW Ultimate – Space Pals

  • Tweak: “Space Friend” renamed to “Space Bud”

  • QOL: Removed screen flashing when player is damaged. Now only player sprite flashes red
  • QOL: New icon & sprite for Space Bud
Balance – Ranger buffed – bow and trap cooldowns lowered

  • Balance – Added a new Ultimate chest spawn opportunity at wave 30

Bug Fix: A Steam Deck freeze issue (If you still experience crashing on Deck please report here)
  • Bug fix: Ally summons unspawning on Stage 2
  • Bug fix: visual error on TNT

  • Bug fix: Golden goblet icon
  • NEW – 3 Achievements
    – Kill the Stage 2 secret boss on any difficulty

    – Unlock the Ultimate
 Space Pals
    – Unlock the Alien