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Swarmcade » Update #5: Stage 2 Released!

The fifth update for Swarmcade is now live, and it’s a major one. Yes, as promised, Stage 2 has arrived!

The map is called Arcadia and is a 30+minute run (to complete all waves and kill the boss). It contains all new enemies, elites and final stage boss. On top of that there are 2 awesome new tracks (composed by Miguelangell960)!

The new stage is a pure love letter to old school arcade gaming (even more so than the first). I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it! And don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve seen the whole level by just the first minutes…

How to unlock Stage 2

To unlock Stage 2, players must survive 5 minutes in Stage 1 (normal). This is not retroactive, so even those of you that have beaten Stage 1 must do this first. Still, this will be extremely easy for anyone with even just a few upgrades and only takes 5 minutes. Stage 2 is a little harder than Stage 1 (even more so on hard difficulty), so it is recommended you have some upgrades under your belt.

Elsewhere in the update, there’s a few quality of life tweaks and bug fixes. Full notes follow.

 Patch notes:

  • NEW map added, Arcadia
  • NEW regular enemies added

  • NEW elites added

  • NEW boss added

  • NEW Music tracks added

  • QOL – Added Master Volume setting to options

  • QOL – Turned down brightness on some weapons

  • QOL – Changed some weapon/item icons
  • Tweak – Elite movement improved
  • Tweak – Final Boss fights give slightly longer to prepare before spawning
  • Tweak – Changed Ultimates’ chest spawn logic (now rewarded upon elite kills)
  • Balance – Lil Dragons’ attack range increased slightly
  • Bug fix – Some instances of hearts drops showing incorrectly

  • Bug fix – Some incorrect death explosions triggering
  • Bug fix – Some crash instances
  • NEW – 3 Achievements
    -Survive 30 mins in Stage 2 on Normal
    -Survive 30 mins in Stage 2 on Hard (unlock hard mode by completing Stage 2 on Normal)
    -Kill the Stage 2 final boss (any difficulty)