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The Unliving » The Unliving | Launching into Full Access on October 26th

Greetings Necromancers! RocketBrush Studio and Team17 Digital have today announced action RPG The Unliving will launch out of Steam Early Access on 26th October.

Combining rogue-lite and real-time strategy gameplay with a dark fantasy setting, The Unliving follows a vengeful Necromancer sweeping relentlessly across the land, smiting his enemies and reanimating fallen foes in pursuit of an antidote to restore his broken soul.

Since its launch into Steam Early Access in November last year, The Unliving has received a series of updates and quality of life improvements, including a new game mode, requested quality of life features that streamline gameplay, and optimisation of the Horde mechanics.

Version 1.0 will feature many new additions and more quality of improvements and we will share more between now and our full launch date on October 26th!.

The Unliving Key Features:

  • Turn enemies into unique undead minions: Each fallen foe has an undead counterpart that the Necromancer can summon to his undead army
  • Sacrifice the undead: The Necromancer can sacrifice members of his undead legions to release powerful spells that can change the course of the battle
  • Enjoy hand-drawn levels: The world of The Unliving is procedurally generated from a selection of meticulously crafted and highly detailed pixel art chunks
  • Death is only the beginning: Through each permadeath players will be resurrected, keeping their progression. Gathered necromantic resources can be used to restore the citadel hub world and power up the Necromancer
  • Overcome blessed bosses: Powerful creatures are the last hope of living to take down the Necromancer, each boasts its own fighting style and abilities
  • Unlock the secrets of necromancy: Meet members of your own necromantic cult, and interrogate enemies to piece together the truth behind the necromancer’s immortality, and the unnatural abilities he wields

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