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The Unliving » The Unliving l Rage of the Dead Update

Hello Necromancers!

A major update is here – ready yourselves for the Rage of the Undead!

This is a HUGE update, bringing with it a lot of features that change gameplay, add variety, permanent progression and more features that you, the players have requested!

Binding Crucible 💀

This is a station in Necromancer Citadel that contains a new progression system. There, you can upgrade your undead army and Necromancer in any way you would like!

If you love spell casting, you can make spells world-shatteringly powerful, at the cost of everything else… or, how about channelling all that power into the undead, to make them mighty hulks? Of course, you can even hog all power for the Necromancer himself – who decided that casters are fragile and even need an army?

Balance revision ⚖️

Living enemies have been rebalanced to match the new dynamic of Necromancers power. Now the difference in power level will be more pronounced between locations – cemeteries will be easier to beat, especially with crucible powers. The city will also resist crucible powers for much longer.

Vow of Deicide ☄️

This is a counter-part system, meant to oppose Binding Crucible. It will allow you to raise the level of difficulty after the Necromancer reaches end-game stages, and you can even get rewards for it!

For now this will plainly increase enemy power-level. Regarding rewards, there is a one-time recourse pack for first completion on every difficulty, and an everlasting multiplicator for all meta-currencies.

Re-roll in Essences ⚗️

Now you will have access to more instruments, to form the exact spell you need!

Essence result can now be re-rolled, spending one re-roll charge! Additional charges can be earned by unlocking more spells in Citadel, or inside the run by discarding essences.

Horde Optimizations 🧟

We worked hard on various aspects of how the army of undead work and have made quite a lot of technical progress in response to all issues you, the community, are reporting.

More noticeably, now every melee unit has some sort of dash or a jump. Of course, regular skeletons will never be on par with mighty werewolves, but now they have a line rush move, to get them to the front line rather than stuck behind archers!

In this update, there have been many internal changes of how all things work, small QOL changes, and some explanation attached to things that were unclear before! We have also added a tracker to display how close the Necromancer is to finding the next shard of his soul. Most of these updates were already tested in the beta-branch, by our most hardcore fans (whose help is extremely valuable to us). But now it is going live, and we will be grateful if you could tell us how you like the direction the game is developing!

You can do this by posting here on Steam in our General Discussions, Discord, or by filling in a survey available on the game main screen. Thank you for your ongoing support, as we continue to work on The Unliving!

Other Notable Fixes 🛠️
  • The modifier slots’ tooltips do not show their placeholders anymore when the slots are empty.
  • Game does not crash anymore when the user hits Esc while rapidly pressing the Save Slots button.
  • The Flower Lady achievement is now unlocking correctly.
  • The specified unit modifier does not present debug string anymore when no modifier is equipped.
  • Blood Cysts have been removed from the game.

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