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The Unliving » The Unliving l Hotfix 2

Hey Necromancers!

We’ve just dropped another hotfix for the latest build. This includes various bug fixes, as well as some key balancing changes. Find all the information below!


  • Fixed the problem with the inability to complete the challenge in the Arena location.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Vow of Deicide” difficulty modifiers applied to a new save game incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where “Corpse Trebuchet” upgrade showed a debug string in the description.
  • Rectified the problem where some actions could not be performed when keys were bound to certain controller buttons.
  • Resolved an issue with the “T for information” option being available for abilities that will be equipped on empty slots.
  • Fixed the bug where sacrificing 1-star High Undead units awarded only 1 ash.
  • Corrected an issue where the Controller Map options disappeared when left-right clicking through them.
  • Adjusted the “Ward of Stoneskin” upgrade icon to match the one displayed on the Ash Forge menu.
  • Made the icon of “Lifespark of the Damned One” consistent across all menus.
  • Fixed “Lifespark of the Pale Rider” icon in the Lifespark Fabricator to be displayed correctly.
  • Resolved an issue in the options menu where users could not view other resolution settings when dragging down the choices.
  • Added missing artwork for some keybinds.
  • Fixed the issue where Smart Dash option had no functionality.
  • Corrected the Tutorial’s Movement prompt to display all necessary arrow keys when using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from choosing a Necromantic Power or Essence ability when selecting the “Try Again” button with a controller.
  • Fixed a bug where “Lifespark of the Pale Rider” could not be found in the game.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the player from navigating through the right side menu of the Lifespark Fabricator using a controller.
  • Enabled D-pad functionality on the menus for the controller.
  • Fixed an issue in the cemetery where Apotheosis could not destroy the last barricade.

Balance Changes

  • ExplodeTheCorpse – damage increased 40→90 at lvl 1, and 10→25 per level.
  • CoupDeGrace – damage increased significantly, to compensate risk of using, lvl1 100 →300, and 50→100 per level
  • BloodyScythe – shield duration increased 5 →25, durability increased 70→110
  • FuneralLense echo cost decreased 7 → 5, damage per ray increased 20→30 at lvl 1, and 5→10 per level.
  • SeverTheBond – lifeforce cost reduced 5 → 1, reloading tome reduced 15 → 10 BoneWyrm damage per wyrm increased 40→80 at lvl 1, and 5→20 per level.
  • BloodShield blood cost decreased 5→3 at lvl 1, and 2→1 per level. Shield duration increased 5 →25, durability increased 70→110
  • FullOfBlood sacrifice damage multiplicator increased 1.5→2
  • BloodyMess – damage increased 25→35 at lvl 1, and 5→7 per level.
  • RicochetingBones – damage per bone increased 8→15 at lvl 1, and 2→3 per level.
  • Foolsdoom – damage increased 100→150 at lvl 1, and 20→30 per level.
  • CorpseTrebuchet – damage increased 40→60at lvl 1, and 10→20 per level.
  • EchoesOfWar – lifetime increased 6→10 at lvl 1, attack speed increased 2→1,5
  • ReapersScythe will now be more ultimate – much more powerfull but more rare used. Damage increased 101→250 at lvl 1, and 30→50 per level, cooldown also increased, 30→45 at lvl 1
  • Stranglehold range increased 3→4.5 at lvl 1, duration increased 3→5
  • AnathemaChorale duration increased 6→10 at lvl 1, and 1→2 per level.
  • InviolableBonesThrone duration increased 5→10 at lvl 1, and 1→2 per level.
  • BloodFrenzyThrone duration increased 5→10 at lvl 1, and 1→2 per level.
  • TirelessSoulThrone duration increased 5→10 at lvl 1, and 1→2 per level.
  • SoakedWithBlood duration increased 10→40 at lvl 1, and 2→10 per level.
  • HorrificWounds duration increased 10→40 at lvl 1, and 2→10 per level.
  • SoulShackles duration increased 5→15 at lvl 1, and 1→2 per level.
  • BlackMist – zone lifetime increased 5→15
  • Rubaiyat echo cost decreased 5 → 1 at lvl 1

We’re fast approaching our 1.0 update, and we’re so grateful for all of your support, feedback, and love so far! It’s not too late to make changes – be sure to let us know your thoughts, so we can make the best necromantic dark fantasy game.

You can do this by posting here on Steam in our General Discussions, Discord, or by filling in a survey available on the game main screen.

Thank you for your ongoing support, as we continue to work on The Unliving!

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