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The Unliving » The Unliving l Apex Necromancy Update

Hello Necromancers!

A major update is here – are you ready to reach Apex Necromancy?

  • Enemy resurrection necromancer upgrades
  • Create powerful ranked undead when horde is increased
  • Reach achievements to conduct apprentice research
  • New difficulty modes after first completion
  • New rewards for grimoire restoration and throne essence
  • Navigation radar
  • Achievement based enchantment access

Check out the full patch notes below!

Apex Necromancy Patch Notes
Gameplay Fixes:

  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to reload saves for currency farming.
  • Bonus Cinders are now correctly awarded to the Necromancer on Apostate difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug where difficulty options would not apply on a continued run.
  • The Blood Cysts modifier can now be found in Homespace.
  • Corrected the “Ascension Elixir” Lifespark upgrade functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple lifesparks would activate simultaneously.
  • Improved functionality of Enchanter upgrades.
  • Adjusted conditions for the Flower Lady achievement.
  • Fixed a bug that caused projectiles to freeze after being launched.
  • Added option to select difficulty parameters after defeating the third boss.
  • Improved decay state update in the starting area of a run.
  • Resurrected Hierarch mini boss units can now be sacrificed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the sacrifice of flower bulb enemies in the Swamp Boss stage.
  • Corrected a problem causing undead to get stuck at invisible walls.
  • Improved horde responsiveness with 40+ units.
  • Fixed a bug where raising dead could be used during combat.
  • In-store items will now correctly subtract coins when purchased.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the raising of the Cleric of Zolar from the dead.
  • Pressing ‘R’ for the raise dead ability will now consistently raise the dead.
  • Interactions with Lifesparks will now correctly grant Lifeforce to the player.
  • Spells unlocked by the player will now save correctly, even without loading a stage.
  • Commander unit will now be visible when dead.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Expend” button to lack functionality when interacting with an Essence.
  • Fixed performance issues in the Swamps level and during large Horde encounters.
  • Fixed issues with Essence UI popups showing up incorrectly.
  • Fixed issues with Blood Feast spell display and icon representation.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Expend” option to appear with no functionality in the Ash Forge menu.
  • Corrected spelling errors and inconsistencies in several tooltips and descriptions.
  • Addressed an issue where the trial version text appeared on screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Binding Crucible to exhibit visual tearing during the first cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue with Necromancer movement during the Binding Crucible cutscene.
  • The Capital level can now be correctly reloaded from the Necromancer Citadel after defeating the Capital boss for the second time.
  • Fixed a bug causing tooltips to appear as placeholders when slots are empty.
  • Addressed incorrect display of unlocked upgrades on the Ascension Throne.
  • Fixed incorrect functionality of various abilities, modifiers and spells.
  • Improved sound effect cues and resolved various sound issues.
  • Fixed incorrect keybindings display on the in-game UI.
  • Corrected an issue causing undead to pass through the scenery when ordered to attack.
  • Resolved issue with Monolith of the Outer Gods causing unintended undead army behavior.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Carrion Hook to stun multiple enemies at once.
  • Corpse Trebuchet will now correctly state the number of corpses required for use.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the game from pausing after the final barricade’s destruction by Apotheosis.
  • Fixed several inconsistencies with blood cost of abilities.
  • Addressed an issue preventing undead and living entities from entering specific tutorial areas.
  • Improved gem drop rate from enemies.
  • Fixed the behavior of Apotheosis explosive barrels based on damage taken.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the skipping of the death screen.
  • Added tooltips to empty ability slots for improved user guidance.
  • Resolved blending issues in the starting area of the Swamp stage.

UI/UX Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug preventing the display of button icons for the arrow keys in the Tutorial.
  • Localized all elements of Hexenwraith upgrade from the Enchanter, Darkest Ritual menu, “Report a bug” feature, “Credits” option, “Give Up” option, and several HUD elements.
  • Lifesparks will now unlock at correct progress points.
  • Improved placeholder VFX for explosive barrels in Apotheosis fight.
  • Fixed an issue where the unlocked Lifespark Fabricator did not display the “R” prompt.
  • Adjusted the loading screen when returning to the front end menu to include artwork.
  • Improved controller navigation between options in the ‘Audio & Video’ menu.
  • Fixed an issue causing the user to repeatedly press “R” to interact with the Transmutation Rune.
  • Resolved an issue with misplaced text in the Spanish control mapping option.
  • Adjusted loading times for faster transitions between screens.
  • Resolved a visual bug involving the overlap of the “Leave the Burial Isle” window with the “R” prompt.
  • Fixed display of cooldown values on certain spells.
  • Fixed inconsistent rewards from defeating bosses on the first run.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game area not to stretch or fit the screen when changing resolution.
  • Resolved an issue causing the camera drag to occur even after interacting with the Grimoire dialogue.
  • Fixed issues related to areas in Cemetery and Citadel levels where player and undead could walk out of bounds.
  • Resolved various issues related to art, texture, and sprite mismatches.

Other Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where the game continued to render sound when not in focus.
  • Fixed incorrect placement of quotation marks in the description box from the main screen.
  • Resolved texture misalignment on chests.
  • Fixed hints not appearing in the loading screen.
  • Fixed shop price text overlapping with the button prompt.
  • Fixed issues with swamp structures’ collision boxes after being destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue with repeating icons for multiple modifiers.
  • Resolved a visual bug causing the shadow of a statue in homespace to load incorrectly.
  • Improved scroll wheel functionality on drop down boxes.
  • Additional minor bug fixes and gameplay enhancements.

We’re fast approaching our 1.0 update, and we’re so grateful for all of your support, feedback, and love so far! It’s not too late to make changes – be sure to let us know your thoughts, so we can make the best necromantic dark fantasy game.

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We would also invite you to celebrate how close we are to launching out of Early Access – we’ve written up a dev log for you summarizing everything we’ve done so far, and what’s next for the future of The Unliving. Check it out here!

Thank you for your ongoing support, as we continue to work on The Unliving!

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