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The Dungeon Beneath » The Dungeon Beneath – Russian translation

Hi everyone! A small update:


The Dungeon Beneath is now playable in Russian! A special thanks to ArMike (Denis Gorshkov) for help with the translation – and to all the Localizor contributors!

Want to help translate The Dungeon Beneath into more languages? Check out our Localizor page. If you find any errors or issues in translation, please let us know at puzzleboxgamestudio [at] gmail [dot] com.


Additionally, we’ve made a few small changes.


  • Some playable “monster” heroes like the Replicating Slime can now have equipment.
  • The Primordial Flame now does 1 damage, and a 2 damage AOE as a follow up. (Thanks The Fool for noticing that the new design was causing an issue with armor builds!)

Bug fixes:

  • Abaddon, Illifar, and Nazzatoth no longer drop loot in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an incorrect description for one of the daily challenges
  • Closing the portal on Legend now correctly gives both Steam Achievements.
  • Fixed an issue where rounds weren’t being counted correctly in some cases. (Thanks Chrest for finding this!)
  • Fixed an issue where some item costs weren’t being scaled for higher difficulties.
  • Fixed an issue where Death’s Song was incorrectly increasing the party limit.