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Cybersonic Strike » The Cybersonic Strike Living Roadmap is Here!

Hello Strikers!

Its been another day hard at work here on Cybersonic Strike but already we wanted to bring you all something special to help keep you all up to date as we move on towards our next playtest date!

Introducing: The Cybersonic Strike Roadmap!

This roadmap details many of the different updates that we are currently working on as well as give you all a visual on what we have coming up in the near future! As always, with much shifting in the way of game development constantly, items you see on here might have to pivot or pause temporarily at times, but we are hoping that this will at least show you all what you can expect when you get the next chance to play at our next pre-alpha test!

That’s all for now! If you’d like something added to this list, we are still looking over suggestions on our Discord constantly for any other cool new features or ideas that we think might really fit Cybersonic Strike.

Thanks so much for reading everyone and we’ll see you soon for more updates!