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Talented » Talented 0.11 Update – Legendary Investment

Hello my Legendary Bandits!

It’s update time, and OH BOY is there a lot to talk about. There should even be some surprises for those who’ve kept up to date with all of the devlogs. Let’s dig in…

New Class – Bandit

Our first new Class in quite some time, and he sure does have class

Cash Money

The Bandit will have access to a new resource – Gold Coins and a new stat – Luck. Luck will affect your percentage change for enemies to drop a Gold Coin upon death.

Luck can be increased by learning the Common [Luck Up] Talents

Hold Your Fire

The Bandit has a higher base attack speed and his basic attacks fire two shots. However, he will have to reload when out of ammo.

Big Spender

You can spend your Gold Coins that may drop from enemies on your abilities. Make the choice, will you spend all your coins defeating enemies, or will you save it for the…

A new Talent can be found on the tree – Cash Out . Once bought, a shop will open and you can spend your Gold Coins on Common and Rare Talents, and even abilities and epics if you’re lucky.

Legendary Gamer Moment

Legendary Talents have been added to the Talent Tree. These Talents will only be available on the tree once per run, and will cost more Talent Points than any other. In the right build they will be game breaking, but they’re designed to also find a useful home in your build.

RNG Pooling

We have reworked how Talents generate in the Talent Tree. Instead of Talents being pulled at random from the total pool of Talents, when the Talent Tree is created at the start of a run, Common Talents will fill a pool. Whenever a Common Talent is placed on the tree, it will be removed from the pool. When the pool is empty, it will refill completely again.

Some Common Talents will appear multiple times in a single pool. (e.g. Attack Speed Up will appear 4 times in a pool for Archer, whereas Damage Up will appear only once).

This change should mean Common Talents will appear more evenly spread throughout the Talent Tree. Rare Talents, Abilities, Enemy Spawns and Enemy Wave Sizes will all use this pooling system also.

Combo Rework

New Combo Levels

Two new Combo Levels have been added, and the number of kills needed to achieve the levels have been adjusted.

  • [Skilled] (+10% XP) – 20 Kills
  • [Gifted] (+25% XP) – 50 Kills
  • [Brilliant] (+50% XP) – 100 Kills
  • [Masterful] (+85% XP) – 250 Kills
  • [Talented] (+125% XP) – 500 Kills
  • [Truly Talented] (+200% XP) – 1000 Kills

Combo Doesn’t Completely Reset

We have also adjusted the Combo Meter penalty for getting hit. Instead of completely losing your Combo if you get hit, you will now be demoted to the previous Combo Level.

Minor Features

We’ve been monitoring the Discord and Steam Discussion forums closely and have hand picked some much requested Quality of Life features for this update. We’ll be continuing to add even more in 0.12 so do keep that feedback rolling in!

  • Added a button to allow Talent Packages to be rerolled on the Run Setup Screen
  • Added a bonus Mastery Level unlock if a run is completed with fewer than 5 hits taken
  • 20 brand new achievements have been added
  • Added a setting to permanently keep the Stats Panel open
  • Added a tooltip showing the current and maximum Health/Resource quantities
  • Added Retry and Next Mastery buttons to the run end screen
  • Added combat stats for Character Size, Shots Per Basic Attack, Orb Damage and Orb Count to the Stats Panel
  • Added the current night you are on to the Clock in the Top Right
  • Added a warning popup when exiting a run that explains progress will be lost
  • Added a warning popup when save data is corrupted giving the option to reset or exit the game (so it can be reported to us!)

Class Balance

Each Class is getting their own set of major changes this update. We’ve been paying close attention to player feedback and doing many, many playtests of our own. Hopefully this should be a step in the right direction of all of our Classes, but do not fear, there will be a lot more to come in the future!

General Balance

  • 1UP has been reworked into [Safety Mush] – You gain 0.25 Knockback distance and an extra life, ressurecting with 50% health points and instantly killing all enemies after death
  • D6 has been reworked into [D6] – Rerolls all nearby unlearnt Common Talents into Rare Talents
  • The One Ring has been reworked into [The One Ring] – Gain one of every Common Talent
  • MP Regeneration Up Talents now increase MP Regeneration by 12% (up from 10%)
  • Range Up Talents now increase Range by 0.15 (up from 0.1)
  • Mastery 8 (Talent Tree Vision Range Down) has been replaced with [More Enemies]
  • Mastery 15 (Talent Tree Vision Range Down) has been replaced with [More Enemies]
  • Mastery 22 (Talent Tree Vision Range Down) has been replaced with [Larger Enemies]
  • All Classes now have a minimum Time Between Attacks/Summons of 0.1 seconds
  • Reduced the distance from the player that Smushrooms begin focusing
  • Smushrooms are no longer knocked back when hit while focusing


  • Piercing Blows has been removed (See Hole in One and Spectral Quiver)
  • Twin Strike has been removed (See Invoked Weapon)
  • Archer can now learn [Hole In One] (Epic) – You gain 5% Critical Strike Chance. Whenever you Critically Strike and enemy, your attack pierces through them and hits an additional target
  • Archer can now learn [Spectral Quiver] (Rare) – Your basic attacks have a 5% chance to pierce through an additional target
  • Archer can now learn [Invoked Weapon] (Epic) – Basic Attacks fire an additional arrow for 2 seconds whenever you use an Ability
  • Gust Quiver now fires an additional Orbital Arrow when it activates (instead of making a shot orbital)
  • Core Talent Unburdened has been replaced by [Field Research] – Each time you use an ability, you gain 2% Experience until the end of the Night
  • All Quiver talents have a 8% chance to proc (up from 3%)
  • Gumballs now increase Attack Speed by 3% (down from 5%)
  • Enchanted Weapon and Charmed Weapon’s buff is now extended when additional Abilities are used while they are active, instead of applying multiple times
  • Enchanted Weapon now increases Attack Speed by 25% (up from 10%)
  • Charmed Weapon now increases Critical Strike Chance by 10% (up from 5%)
  • Three Hit Mechanic now grants double Attack Damage every third attack (instead of a guaranteed critical strike)
  • Duplication Hack now has a 50% chance to duplicate a piece of loot when it drops (down from 100%)
  • Cold Streak now grants 10% crit per non-crit (up from 1%)
  • The Forbidden Harvest Package now contains [Savage Bounty] (Rare) – Killing 25 enemies grants 15% Attack Speed for 5 seconds
  • Explosive Trap’s cooldown has been reduced to 6 seconds (from 10 seconds)
  • Frost Trap’s cooldown has been reduced to 6 seconds (from 10 seconds)
  • Frost Trap’s size has been reduced by 33% (the size of the frost explosion is unchanged)
  • Quick Fire now has 2 Maximum Charges (down from 3)
  • Hail of Arrows now has 2 Maximum Charges (down from 3)
  • Maelstrom now has 2 Maximum Charges (down from 3)
  • Maelstrom now grants 90% increased Attack Speed (up from 25%)
  • Maelstrom now buffs 5 Attacks (up from 4)


  • The Wizard can now control up to 50 Orbs
  • Base Orb Damage is increased to 3 (up from 2)
  • Base Size of Orbs has been reduced by 20%
  • Damage Size Scaling of Orbs has been reduced by 50% (Orbs can now gain a lot more damage!)
  • Wizard can no longer learn Gemmed Glove (this will likely return in a Talent Package at a later date)
  • Wizard can now learn Dorble Up – Create two Orbs that permanently orbit you
  • Arcane Orbs has been reworked: Create an Orb that permanently orbits you and your Ability Power strengthens your Orbs.
  • Blazing Orbs now creates two Orbs that apply Burning (instead of making all Orbs apply Burning)
  • Blazing Orbs no longer adds additional Orb Speed
  • Earthen Orbs now creates two Orbs that always apply Knockback (instead of making all Orbs apply Knockback if you have 5 or more Orb Damage)
  • Orbular Knowledge has been reworked – Gain an Orb that permanently orbits you. On Level Up your Orbs Gain 100% Speed for the next 2 seconds
  • Atomize has been reworked: Duplicate an Orb until the end of the Night. Your Orb Damage is increased by 5 for the next 5 seconds. Atomize prioritizes special orbs.
  • Echomancy is now a Legendary Talent and always activates (instead of having a 50% chance)
  • Wizard can now learn [Evocation] (Epic) – Whenever you cast a spell you reduce the cooldown of other spells that are on cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Insight now grants 15% increased experience on kill with Ability (down from 25%)
  • Crystal Orbs now grants 15% increased experience on kill with Orb (down from 25%)
  • Simple Interest now requires 2 unspent Talent Points to grant a level increase (up from 1)
  • Full House now also grants a random Ability
  • Burning Ambition now increases Range by 5% of unspent Talent Points (down from 10%)
  • Burning Ambition now requires 25 unspent Talent Points to grant Piercing (up from 10)
  • Spirit Flame damage reduction per pierce increased to 8 (up from 4)
  • Fireball Rank 2 damage increased to 20 (from 15)
  • Reduced the speed of Cyclone by 50% (allowing it to hit and gather up more enemies)
  • Studious Activation Chance down to 15% (from 25%)
  • Spell Thirst kill requirement increased to 10 (up from 5)
  • Deep Learning also increases the spawn rate of Legendary Talents
  • Deep Learning increases the spawn rate of non-common Talents by 25% (down from 50%)
  • Thesis now grants two Random Common Talents (instead of two random Combat Stats)


  • All Warrior Strike Abilities now have Attack Damage scaling (we listened!)
  • Largening no longer grants a base Size Increase
  • Largening now grants 10% Size Increase per 25 Health Points (up from 5%)
  • Harsh Lesson now grants 50% of kill experience (up from 25%)
  • Harsh Lesson can now also proc from Parries
  • Earthquake now applies Wounded to all enemies hit (doubling their damage taken from all sources for 4 seconds)
  • Warrior can no longer learn Bladework
  • Warrior can now learn [Frustration] (Rare) – Your maximum rage is increased by 10, you start
    each Night with 5 additional rage
  • Warrior starting Rage has been reduced to 20
  • Bloodlust has been reworked – The first time you reach maximum rage each night your Size is increased by 2% for every 5 Rage for the rest of the Night
  • Blast Strike’s cooldown has been increased to 15 seconds (up from 10 seconds)
  • Thrown Around knockback requirement has been reduced to 0.5 (down from 1.0)
  • Blood Pact has been reworked – Sacrifice 10 Health Points to gain 5% Attack Speed until the end of the night
  • Sore Loser now also grants 1 Attack Damage until the end of the Night
  • All Planned has been reworked – The first time you take damage each night you do not lose your combo and Knockback all surrounding enemies applying Wounded to them
  • Pure Brilliance now grants 1 of each Common Talent (instead of 1 of each Combat Stat)
  • Skill Cap experience increase per combo level reduced to 5% (down from 10%) Note: This Talent became a lot stronger with the addition of new combo levels and the flat Experience increase on Harsh Lesson


  • Soul Absorption is now an Epic Talent
  • Soul Absorption has been reworked – Lifestealing from 20 enemies grants 5% Summon Speed until the end of the Night
  • Laid to Rest now costs 20 Magic Points (up from 5)
  • Laid to Rest now places a Gravestone in all 4 Lanes (instead of a single random lane)
  • Laid to Rest’s cooldown has been reduced to 20s (down from 30s)
  • Graveyard Shift has been moved to the Base Talent Package
  • Grave Circumstances has been moved to the Appropriation Package (from the Rest in Pieces Talent Package)
  • The Rest In Pieces Talent Package now contains [Hallowed Ground] – Spawn a Gravestone at the start of each Night. If there are at least 2 Gravestones present your MP Regeneration Rate is increased by 20%
  • Vile Curses has been reworked into [Cursed Knowledge] Whenever you Level Up you spawn a Gravestone in a random lane
  • Bomb Shells, Flame Shells and Blight Shells Talents all have an 8% chance to activate (up from 5%)
  • Call of the Haunted no longer grants 5 Maximum Health to Helpers upon their return
  • Skelebob’s Bone Piles no longer deal damage to Helpers

Meta Game

  • The unlock requirement for unlocking Warrior has been reduced to Completing Mastery 2 (from Completing Mastery 3)
  • Lowered the Class Experience granted from a Mastery 0 run (so new players aren’t bombarded with Talent Package choices)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where connections between Talents would be invisible if an Ability Talent was rerolled into a Rare Talent
  • Fixed a bug where Status Effects would be listed on Mystery Talents before they were learnt
  • The Shadow from Shadow Boxing now correctly scales with Character Size
  • Ability Procs now appear green, and no longer appear when an ability is cast
  • Cyclone can no longer knock back Spectral Enemies
  • Gulf’s burrow particles no longer draw on top of other enemies when the Gulf itself is behind that enemy
  • Fixed an issue where pausing the game on the run end screen would cause the music to stop entierly
  • Fixed an issue where Fly Helpers would sometimes fly over enemies
  • Fixed a bug where Vortech Generator would not correctly reduce the cooldown of Stim Pack
  • Fixed a bug where Spectral Smushrooms wouldn’t actually appear to be Spectral
  • Fixed a bug where Warrior’s current Rage would be reduced when they lost a Gifted Combo with [Sweet Combo] active
  • Fixed an issue where Change of Heart would cause Bone Piles to be come undamageable and deal damage even after the night had ended
  • Fixed several bugs that caused Talent that appeared to be connected to not actually be purchasable
  • Fixed a bug where Busters would spawn more often than intended
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the pillars to the left and right of the game on large aspect ratios
  • Fixed several typos and description inaccuracies
  • Fixed an issue where Rares from Eureka would not count towards Rares learnt for Thesis/Dissertation
  • Fixed an issue where Archer’s arrows would sometimes pass over the heads of enemies

Phew… Now I’m out of breath… We’re so thankful for everyone who joined us on the journey to our first update, and we hope you’ll stick with us to find out what is coming in 0.12!

Stay Talented