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Impaler » Sharpen Your Swords!

Hey everyone!

Update #5, focused on WEAPONS, is now available!

It introduces a brand new melee weapon, that is very different from every other piece in the arsenal. The Sword allows you to cut down foes at a close range, but also its shattering shards will surely reach distant enemies.

We’re also reintroducing Pump Shotgun as a unique weapon, and overhauling The Harvester. On top of that, all weapons have received a visual update!

Here are the full patch notes:

Major Changes
  • Added new unlockable weapon – Sword
  • Reintroduced Pump Shotgun as a unique weapon
  • Balance overhaul of the Harvester (kind of like the Flak Cannon from Unreal Tournament)
  • Added 4 new unique weapon upgrades for sword and Harvester
  • Improved each weapon’s art
Balance / Gameplay
  • Player air control increased by 40%
  • Evil offering no longer jumps around because it’s annoying
  • Cluster nades no longer emit mini nades on a direct hit (causes some cheap one-hit kills)
  • Slimes no longer emit projectiles when detonating on the player (avoids cheap one-hit kills on player)
  • Bullet time AOE perk reworked to shoot a wall of grenades in front of you (more effective now)
  • Retractor obstacles retract when shot by player
  • Changed “Heavy Foot” achievement to only require killing 3 enemies instead of 5 (more achievable given the balance changes to stomp splash damage)
Audio / visual
  • All first and third person weapon art has been enhanced
  • Improved various particle effects such as explosions
  • Improved sound randomization
  • Audio balance improvements
  • New bullet casing sprites
  • Minor improvements to weapon recoil animations
  • Weapons have new, unique names
  • New more stylized font for all menus
  • Reworked the weapons select screen to include a second page of weapons
Bug fixes / Technical
  • Max vertical FOV increased to 95 degrees

Thank you all for getting through the patch notes, make sure to let us know what you think about the changes and new weapon(s) on Steam forums, or our official Discord server.

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See you in the next one!

Apptivus and Retrovibe