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Impaler » Rise to the Top

Hey all!

Welcome to our first “.5” update! While we’re hard at work on the Update #4 which revolves around the monsters of Impaler, we’ve prepared something really cool for you!

Introducing: Leaderboards. From now on your high scores will be placed in the worldwide leaderboard, where you will compete with other players.

We’ve also prepared a short list of balance updates for the Boss level!

Here are full patch notes:


As we’ve announced, old high scores will be cleared due to balance / scoring changes and the introduction of leaderboards

New Features / Content

  • High score leaderboards implemented

  • Main menu shows your leaderboard rank
  • Score summary shows the total run time (for speed runs)
  • In-game run time can be shown via config file “show_run_timer = 1”
  • Added config file entry to disable crosshair “disable_crosshair = 1”
  • Config file instructions

Audio / Visual

  • “Evil” offering is now green to be more visually distinct from other game objects

Balance / Gameplay

  • Boss stage balance improvements (harder now)
    • Boss fireballs are green and homing
    • Monsters spawning on boss stage have shields
    • Monsters no longer spawn in the group of spikey obstacles and insta-die
  • Stomp kills are now x50 score instead of x70

Bug Fixes / Technical

  • Fixed bullet-time accidentally activating when unpausing

As always, please share Impaler with your friends and leave a Steam review if you’re enjoying the game to help us reach even more players.

Also, be sure to check out our bundles with extra discounts for explosive boomer shooter deals.

See you on the Leaderboards!

Apptivus and Retrovibe