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SNKRX » Rewrite Update Cancelled

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, I have decided to cancel SNKRX’s rewrite update that was promised about a year ago. From now on the game will remain in the state it is now and I’ll move on to other projects. I understand that many people have been patiently waiting for the update, and I’m very sorry about this, but it is what it is.

Since before SNKRX I had a problem as a developer, which is that I tended to overscope my projects.
I would make them bigger than I had the experience to handle, work on them for a few months to a few years, and would eventually give up because they were going nowhere.

So since the start of 2020 I had been trying to make and finish games that had an appropriate scope for my skills. These were projects that would take me between 2-3 months to make from start to finish and that I actually ended up releasing on Steam.

For the entirety of 2020 I failed to do that, as this video shows, but in 2021 I finally managed to scope a project properly and finish it, and that project was SNKRX. However, SNKRX’s success made me way too confident, which made me fall back to my old ways and I ended up overscoping the rewrite by quite a lot.

Because I’ve made this mistake many times before I know when it’s time to quit. The failures have mounted, the successes are sparse, and my motivation is at all time lows. I’m not going to spend another year or more on it only to quit then and have wasted multiple years of my life with nothing to show for it. So this is where it ends.

I am, once again, very sorry for this. I shouldn’t have promised something that I didn’t know 100% was going to happen and given you guys false expectations, and for that I am truly sorry.

For now I’m just going to go back to what I was doing before SNKRX, which is trying to make games with a small scope and to release them consistently so I can get more XP as a dev. But that’s it, there will be no more updates to this game from me.

For those who are interested the game’s code is available on github and if you’ve done or want to do anything with the codebase I’d be happy to merge good quality contributions to the game on Steam. So hit me up if that’s the case.

And if you really liked SNKRX and you wanna play more games like it the best I can do is recommend some. Ever since last year many games that are around SNKRX’s design area have been released, most famously Vampire Survivors and its clones.

However the game that I liked the most and that feels closest is a game called Brotato. It has many of the same ideas and systems, and incidentally it also solves quite a few design problems I was having with the rewrite. It’s just a really good and fun game. Currently there’s only a demo available but the full version should come out in a few months. If you liked SNKRX you’ll probably like this, so give it a try!

And other than that, if you want to know about when I release a new game then follow me on Steam, and if you have any questions about SNKRX or anything else just ask me in this thread and I’ll answer, or join the game’s discord and @ me there (@a327ex). I’m pretty much always online so if you ping me there I’ll answer.

So yea, again, sorry for the disappointment. And bye!