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SNKRX » Quality of Life Update

This update implements many often requested QoL features, mostly buffs underused classes/units, and fixes a few bugs and crashes.

Quality of Life
  • Auto save: runs are now automatically saved. If you quit the game or it crashes for any reason, when you come back you will be able to continue from where you last left off. This feature was implemented with the help of Davidobot, so thanks!
  • Move units: you can now place units in any position in your party. Simply click and drag each unit to any position you want. This should give the game some more strategizing possibilities.
  • Lock shop: the shop can now be locked. This will save currently presented units, letting you buy them in the next round if you ran out of gold or want to save for more interest.
  • More options: you can now turn off screen shake and enable unit cooldowns to be shown near the snake rather than on the bottom left. Change these in the options menu from the arena.
  • NG+ difficulty decrease: you can now decrease your NG+ level if you want to go back to the normal game or an easier NG+ level. Change this in the options menu from the arena.
  • Restart run from shop: there’s now an additional button (R) next to the tutorial one that lets you restart a run from the shop.
  • View build: you can now view your final build after a win.
Unit, class and passive changes
  • Bard (curser, rogue) has been removed
  • Jester (curser, rogue) has been added
  • Launcher: now curses enemies from a distance (previously was from an area centered on the unit)
  • Bane: changed basic effect to “curses 5 nearby enemies for 6 seconds, they will create small void rifts on death”; changed Lv.3 effect to “100% increased area for bane’s void rifts”
  • Juggernaut: doubled attack area
  • Saboteur: doubled damage
  • Engineer: turrets now attack faster; changed Lv.3 effect to “drops 2 additional turrets and grants all turrets +50% damage and attack speed”
  • Vagrant: attack speed bonus changed to 10% (from 5%)
  • Cryomancer: doubled DoT tick rate
  • Unleash: changed area size and damage increase to +1% per second (from 2%)
Difficulty changes
  • Boss health: increased boss health at levels 24 and 25
  • Base difficulty: slightly increased the game’s base difficulty, NG+ difficulty is unchanged

Allowing units to be moved at will makes the game somewhat easier, so a difficulty increase would be necessary to offset it. However, the game already needed a slight difficulty decrease, especially at NG+4/5 levels, so I left that mostly unchanged.

The main changes to difficulty were a slight increase to the base game’s, since a number of people were beating it too easily on their very first run. And also an increase to level 24/25 boss healths, since usually they would die very fast and wouldn’t get a chance to use their attacks.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a class of bugs that would slow down and eventually crash the game when units spawned inside each other or inside player units
  • Fixed several blue screen crashes

If you find any more bugs please feel free to post them on the forums and I’ll do my best to fix it.

And thanks to everyone for playing the game. I hope you’re enjoying it!