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God of Weapons » Patch v1.0.14 Change Logs

Patch v1.0.14 Change Logs:

  • New Statue Upgrades: Luck, Enemy Shard Drop Rate
  • Update Stats for item: Magic Quill
  • Update Requirement for Quest: Divine Protection, Thrill of the fight.
  • Update Stats for Ice Wand, Arcane Staff, and Ruby Staff.
  • Update stats, description, and behavior for weapons: Lightning Spear, Prismblade, Ice Wand, Lightning Wand Crosswand, Arcane Staff.
  • Update Range for Short Sword, Greatsword.
  • Update Vietnamese Translation.
  • New Confirmation Dialog when exiting to the Main menu.
  • Update Shield Bar Design.
  • Fix: Some quests lost completed status (Run Victory with Char Assassin/Wizard).
  • Fix: Dagger, and Sword Thrust Attacks not hitting enemies at a certain attack speed.
  • Fix Curse Doll: not reduce health on the next floor.
  • Fix: Stuck at level up when maxed out the inventory.