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God of Weapons » Patch 1.0.12 change logs

Patch 1.0.12 change logs

  • Fix: Final Boss didn’t drop shards when defeated.
  • Fix for Souldrinker: Overheal resets to 0 after each floor
  • Fix for Sharp Shooter Quest: The requirement now is 3 Pierce, Masterwork Arrows is no longer a limited number item.
  • Crosswand Fix: Corrected the number of projectiles in each barrage for different tiers.
  • Barrel has better chance of dropping shards.
  • Corrected the Armory price of Golden Chain
  • Poison Vial is now a consumable item.
  • Updated the stats of various items: Iron Cuirass, Devil Horn, Assassin’s Glove, Lifestealing Glove, Knight Gauntlet, Hand Mirror, Helmet, Life Stone, Malevolent Observer, Pocket Watch, Raven Skull, Talon, Whetstone