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X Invader » Official Release Schedule Postponement Announcement

Hello, this is Allaf Games.

We would like to inform you that the official release date of X Invader has been postponed to August. We sincerely apologize for not being able to keep our promise to our users and for having to convey this message.

The reason for the delay in the official release schedule is as follows.

1. Improvement of Previously Released Content
Since the early access launch, we have received a lot of valuable feedback from many users. What we realized from this feedback was that our development team lacked sufficient refinement of the existing content. We reflect on this and intend to improve the content that was previously released, based on the feedback we have received so far. Our development team’s intention is to avoid repeating the mistakes of a premature release like we had at the early access launch.

2. Overhaul of UI/UX and Scenario Improvement Work/b]
The UI/UX and scenario team members joined in the middle of the development, which led to a somewhat rushed approach to their work. The team members who joined later have now fully understood our internal systems and are continuously working on improving their respective areas of responsibility.

3. Conducting Adequate Beta Testing
When we released the early access version of X Invader, we launched without conducting an open beta test, which led to numerous unexpected bugs. This has caused us to deeply reflect, as it provided a less than ideal playing experience for our players. For the official release, we want to conduct sufficient beta testing to present a high-quality product that meets the expectations of the players who have trusted and supported X Invader.

4. Financial Issues
Currently, Allaf Games is facing financial difficulties, a chronic problem for many indie game teams. Therefore, in order to sustain Allaf Games, we find ourselves in a situation where the development of X Invader and subsequent projects need to be carried out concurrently (attracting investment, publishing deals).

Of course, the fact that X Invader will be officially released remains unchanged. However, due to the need to secure funding, tasks have to be diversified, leading us to decide to extend the development period for the sake of the game’s quality. We deeply apologize for the extension of the official release date due to our development team’s financial situation.

We truly apologize for having to convey this message, as we understand how precious each and every expectation and support from the players waiting for X Invader is. For those players who are waiting, we plan to continue with regular updates.

Additionally, our development team will always strive to communicate effectively with our users. We will sincerely respond to any comments left on platforms such as Discord and the Steam discussion board.

Once again, we apologize and assure you that Allaf Games will always listen attentively to the players’ opinions.

Thank you.