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Soulstone Survivors » New Update: Arms of the Ascended

Hello Survivors! :cozyroe:

The Arms of the Ascended update is here, and with it, we are bringing many changes and fixes to the game! Celebrate the holiday season with us, with new menu decorations from Dec 18th to Jan 5th!

But before we jump into the contents of this update, we want share a couple of news with you:

Firstly, we want to invite you to participate in our Discord event called Big Damage!
Join us On Discord to learn about it!

Secondly, this Friday (22/12/2023) we will release a new Dev Chat video on YouTube, sharing some exciting news for 2024 and TONS of information about the new content coming to the game! Subscribe to our YouTube to get a notification when its out!
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With all of that out of the way, here is the full list of changes for this update:

Character Appearances:

  • New character appearances can now be unlocked in-game! With 14 new appearances in this update (1 for each character), we hope those will serve as a token of your achievements! Future content will bring new appearances for you to unlock, but rest assured ALL appearances will ALWAYS be unlockable in-game, there will never be in-game purchases in Soulstone Survivors!

New Save System:

  • We completely revamped the save system in the game to increase its resilience to file corruption. The game always kept track of a backup file in case the game was interrupted while making a new save, but now the game will use a “ring save” system, keeping up to 10 versions to fall back to in case of corruption.

Gamepad Improvements:

  • This update brings considerable improvements to gamepad usability in the game, such as being able to navigate and view tooltips of Passives and Active skills and your character sheet while in the Pause menu, and many fixes with bugged interactions across the game.


  • Allaxiz buff now only increases his own attack and movement speed;
  • Fixed Gammuth’s Fireball being affected by the visibility slider (again);


  • The game now displays a sort of hint/timer to reflect why the Endless and Overlord portal might not appear at the end of a match if you take too long;
  • Fixed an issue where you might hear the sound of the special event in the Caverns map starting without interacting with it;
  • Added slider in the general options to change the intensity of the “low health” visual overlay;
  • Fixed an issue where Summoned units would not inherit some of your character’s Skill Tree nodes (such as on-hit chances);
  • Fixed Cave Bear skill tooltip which had values scaling incorrectly;
  • Added new keybinding for the “More Details” hotkey;
  • Fixed an issue where the “More Details” hotkey would be inconsistent during gameplay and in menus;
  • Fixed a couple of character tooltips in Skill Tree not working as intended;
  • Fixed a small issue with a controller on Blacksmith which could cause the controller to lose focus;
  • Fixed Meteor tooltip to properly show the Burn damage it applies;
  • Fixed tooltips that could stay on screen when you paused the game;
  • Improved performance of the “Mineral Harvest” rune by simplifying how minerals are awarded to the player;
  • Fixed issue with gamepad navigation on skill trees, where in certain situations you would be unable to select a character-specific node;
  • Fixed issue where Elemental Orbs could be spawned in the air, being impossible to collect;
  • Fixed issue where locked skills in the Skill List menu could be showing the wrong information to unlock;
  • Fixed issue where skills that scaled based on Health (such as Body Slam) would not take the “All or Nothing” rune into consideration for their calculation;
  • Fixed issue where Mastery runes would show the wrong skills in the Runes screen when switching between presets (visual issue only);
  • Fixed issue where Mastery runes would not store the skills used in your Profile;
  • Fixed issue where if you play with a gamepad, but select a skill with the mouse, the gamepad input could stop working to select further skills;
  • Fixed issue where if you had Mouse Only mode, it could prevent you from opening the Level Up screen with the gamepad;

As always, we would like to thank you very much for your support and feedback! We continue working on loads of HUGE new features for 2024 and we are super excited about all that is coming and to share more with you this Friday! And, if you run into any issues with the game, don’t hesitate to reach out! We will see you in the next one!

~Soulstone Team