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Nation Red » Nation Red Update 1.999

Hello everyone,

Steam should have a quick update for Nation Red to add some requested changes. If you have the update, the loading screen should indicate 1.00.0999.


Multiplayer Visual: Player indicators are now color-coded and easier to see (make sure you enable Show Player Indicators in the game options)

Multiplayer Visual: When a player is killed, indicator flashes to make the player easier to find

Visual: Dead zombies now have lower contrast colors which makes them easier to spot against the living zombies

Visual: Level Up image which pops up above your player has been changed to be more visible and stay visible for a little longer

Bosses now spawn from all directions (360 degrees) on Cemetery level

Gamepad: Fixed last grenade also kicks bug

With the new stats introduced in the last update, the top 20 leaderboards will be auto-reset (Total Kills leaderboards are not affected). This reset is meant to make sure that all top 20 scorers have the new stats information included in their score (move the mouse cursor over a score to view these).

Remember with the Nation Red Steam leaderboards containing millions of scores, this should only affect the most dedicated Nation Red players!