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Nation Red » Nation Red Update 1.00.1000 Notes

Hello everyone,

Steam should have updated the game to version 1.00.1000 a few days ago. I forgot to post the update notes:

This was a quick update to add:

The online games/lobby browser now shows how long a game has been playing (in minutes) or at which wave the game is (for barricade games)
This makes it easier to decide which games to join.

You can now minimize/alt-tab the game away during on-line coop games (to check something outside Steam, take a Skype call, etc.) The host will allow you to stay connected during this time as long as you don’t leave for more than a few minutes at a time.

Local coop: each player now has a differently colored player indicator circle. (Make sure you enable ‘Show Player Indicator’ in the game options)

By the way, in case the update version number is confusing: The next version will be 1.00.1001, then 1.00.1002, etc.