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SNKRX » Maintenance Update #3

  • Increased cryomancer’s area of effect by 50%
  • Increased bane’s void rift’s size by 50%
  • Beastmaster now has 10% crit chance by default
  • Magician’s Lv.3 effect is now “+50% attack speed every 12 seconds for 6 seconds”
  • The fairy will no longer buff non-attacking units
  • Awakening and enchanted items will no longer buff non-attacking units
  • Changed freezing field’s color to blue for better visual clarity
  • Improved text descriptions for engineer and sentry for clarity
  • Fixed engineer’s and artificer’s cooldowns not being displayed properly
  • Fixed a bug that would cause incorrect party size after loading a looped run (thanks ArnaudOechslin)
  • Fixed a rare crash due to enemy critters being spawned during a level transition
  • Added the following keyboard shortcuts:
    • R rerolls units both in the shop and item selection screen
    • 1, 2, 3, 4 buys units from the shop or selects items
    • Enter/return starts the round
Stat/rewrite update

If you’re a newer player, please read the last sections on the orb update to get up to speed on what I already mentioned in regards to future updates to this game.

And for everyone else: the stat/rewrite update will take longer than I expected to be completed. I initially estimated it at 1 month (which would be coming up on early August), but that’s not going to be the case. I don’t know yet how much longer it will take so I won’t really try to estimate.

The main reason for this is that now that I’ve had some weeks without the pressure of having to do bigger weekly updates I’ve been able to think about the game from a longer term and more calm perspective, and I’ve developed a very solid and definite vision of what I want it to be in the future.

So I’ve decided that I will keep updating this game for another year or so unconditionally (regardless of how well the updates are received) to execute on this vision. But for me to be able to do that I really need the new codebase to be good and for the rewrite to be done correctly, as the decisions I make now will affect my ability to deliver these updates over this longer period.

As such, the stat/rewrite update will take longer so that I can put some real thought into it and do it safely. This is also the last maintenance update the game will get until the stat/rewrite update, as pretty much all bugs and suggestions people have now are things that will be addressed in that update or in ones that come after.

I really don’t like sort of leaving the game without updates for a while but I hope everyone understands. And if you’d like to ask me anything send an e-mail to I respond to that faster than to anything else.

Thanks for playing and I hope you have fun!