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SNKRX » Maintenance Update #1

As mentioned in previous updates, from now on until the stat update is ready these weekly patches will be smaller than they have been so far.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed several blue screen crashes due to broken looping state
  • Fixed a bug where double clicking the loop button would lead to broken looping state
  • Fixed several blue screen crashes due to broken physics state
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes restarting the game from a looped run would let you have more units than normal in the next run
  • Fixed sold items not being restored to the passive pool
  • Fixed gambler’s volume being too loud with high amounts of gold
  • Fixed soundtrack button not working on the win screen
  • Fixed volume text bug when decreasing it from 1 to 0
  • Fixed volume buttons not looping
  • Fixed a bug where the first run would not have certain items in the item pool
  • Fixed kinetic strike not being in the item pool at all
  • Fixed psyker orbs item saying “+1/2/3” in the shop when it should be “+1/2/4”
  • Limited critters on the arena to 100 due to performance issues
  • Limited health orbs on the arena to 30 due to performance issues
  • Limited gold coins on the arena to 30 due to performance issues

These last 3 items mean that only 30 or 100 objects of that type can be in the arena at the same time. They will simply not be spawned if it goes over that number, and they will go back to being spawned when it’s below that number.

This is a crude solution and one I don’t like, but because people have been affected by performance issues due to these objects it needs a fix. But also because this codebase is going to be thrown away soon, I’m not going to spend too much time trying to optimize it properly. Sorry!

Update schedule

From now on I will also start doing these smaller patches on random days rather than only on Fridays as that will work better for me. There will still be one update a week, but it may come on a Wednesday, or Monday, or whenever.

Thanks for playing and I hope you keep having fun!