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Impaler » M-m-m-m-monster Patch

Hey all!

Welcome to Update #4, also know as the (Unreal Tournament voice) M-m-m-m-monster Update!
This time we’re introducing a completely new monster, adding new mechanics to some of the monsters, and making the Demoness no longer an optional monster. She’s here to stay in the Impaler roster.

We’re also taking a look at offerings, and having some fun with them. We hope you’ll find them cool and exciting!

We always like to talk about the next updates in the patch notes, however the plans for Update #5 are not set in stone yet, the general idea is to take a look at weapons, but we’ll keep you updated on that once we have more firm things to share.

Here are full patch notes:

New Content
  • New monster – Pig Man
  • New “platinum” offering variant
  • Jumper monster given a new sprint ability
  • New “Hazard” kill type and scoring
  • Revamped demoness monster + new balance + new audio + healing ability
  • Numerous art and animation upgrades
  • Offerings now appear on all stages > 2 except boss and miniboss
  • Offerings are now present on the first combat stage (if not a first run / tutorial)
  • Offerings no longer self destruct at the end of a round
  • Pushing offering into monsters does 40 damage instead of 20
  • Special kill icons on boss map are no longer showing (because they don’t contribute to score)
  • Reworked evil offering so its mechanics are clearer and more consistent
  • All pickups now share a 15s despawn (formerly 12s and 16s for health and coin)
  • Slightly increase effectiveness of heat upgrades
  • Hazards will not destroy crates and barrels
  • Reduced minimum fall speed for stomp attacks
  • Offerings move away from walls more quickly
  • Normalize the monster spawns for more consistent scoring (reduce randomness of melee monsters)
  • Gold score multiplier reduced to 5 from 10
  • Poison spikes contribute to hazard kills along with saws, lasers, and pulverizers
  • Sawblades have more generous no-damage period so you don’t die randomly on entry / exit
  • Plasma nade upgrade no longer damages the player
  • Reduced duration of bullet time by 50% to be less annoying and not slow down gameplay as much
  • Normalized stomp behavior – no “mario” bouncing when a monster is killed (you will still bounce if its not a kill)
  • Current score is now visible in the pause menu
  • Barrels are now only destructible by player bullets (immune to enemies / stomps / spikes)
  • Added more spikey obstacles to protect the boss’s head
  • Clearer health bars for monsters with shields – now shows an orange bar until depleted
  • Prevent wardens from shooting when the platform is retracting and entering after taking damage
  • “Retractor” obstacles will now lower when touching the player or an offering
  • Crate and explosive barrel glows are more subtle
  • Improve smoke trails on cannon projectiles
  • New audio roll-off and visibility functions for for improved audio balance
  • Visual enhancements to the boss stage (moodier lighting + improved particles)
  • More diverse map lighting combinations
  • Improved art and animations for boss
  • Art enhancements to flying monsters
  • Art enhancement to grenade launcher monsters
  • Updated special thanks section
  • New HUD elements for displaying offering progress
  • New settings / options:
    • Enable / disable round timer
    • Option to disable crosshair via settings
    • Option to disable HUD via settings
Bug fixes
  • Fix big slimes creating a small slime after end of round
  • Fix monsters not gibbing at the end of the game
  • Fix movement physics when using “move at full speed in bullet time” upgrade
  • Re-roll will no longer present the same upgrades (unless none remain)
  • Fix upgrade re-roll perk being usable multiple times per stage
  • Fix some issues with volume of some audio sources
  • Fix positioning of health bars to be better aligned with monster

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See you in the next one.

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