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SNKRX » Loop Update

This update features a looping/endless mode, 20 new items, reworked conjurer class, rebalanced healers & psykers, and lots of QoL features and bug fixes.

Looping/endless mode
  • Continue the current run upon beating the game
  • Play on levels of increasing difficulty above 25 until death
  • +1 maximum snake size per loop, up to 12 maximum snake segments
  • Items are not offered while looping if you already have 8

New items
  • Intimidation: enemies spawn with -10/20/30% max HP
  • Vulnerability: enemies take +10/20/30% damage
  • Temporal Chains: enemies are 10/20/30% slower
  • Ceremonial Dagger: killing an enemy fires a homing dagger
  • Homing Barrage: 8/16/24% chance to release a homing barrage on enemy kill
  • Critical Strike: 5/10/15% chance for attacks to critically strike, dealing 2X damage
  • Noxious Strike: 8/16/24% chance for attacks to poison enemies, dealing 20% dps for 3 seconds
  • Infesting Strike: 10/20/30% chance for attacks to spawn 2 critters on kill
  • Kinetic Strike: 10/20/30% chance for attacks to push enemies away with high force
  • Burning Strike: 15% chance for attacks to ignite, dealing 20% dps for 3 seconds
  • Lucky Strike: 8% chance for attacks to cause enemies to drop gold on death
  • Healing Strike: 8% chance for attacks to spawn a healing orb on kill
  • Stunning Strike: 8/16/24% chance for attacks to stun for 2 seconds
  • Silencing Strike: 8/16/24% chance for attacks to silence for 4 seconds on hit
  • Culling Strike: instantly kill elites below 10/20/30% max HP
  • Lightning Strike: 5/10/15% chance for projectiles to create chain lightning, dealing 60/80/100% damage
  • Psycholeak: position 1 generates 1 psyker orb every 10 seconds
  • Psychosink: psyker orbs deal +40/80/120% damage
  • Divine Blessing: generate 1 healing orb every 8 seconds
  • Hardening: +150% defense for 3 seconds after an ally dies


Conjurers are now called builders.

[h5]New builder units[/h5]

  • Sentry (tier 2 ranger, builder) – spawns a rotating turret that shoots 4 projectiles, each dealing X damage, Lv.3 effect: +50% sentry attack speed and the projectiles ricochet twice
  • Bomber (tier 2 nuker, builder) – plants a bomb, when it explodes it deals 2X AoE damage, Lv.3 effect: +100% bomb area and damage
  • Artificer (tier 3 sorcerer, builder) – spawns an automaton that shoots a projectile that deals X damage, Lv.3 effect: automatons shoot and move 50% faster and release 12 projectiles on death

[h5]Removed conjurers[/h5]

  • Illusionist
  • Saboteur
  • Hunter
  • These units will come back in a future update


New psyker class effect: (psykers 2, 4) – +2/4 total psyker orbs and +1 orb for each psyker


  • Increased default orb range
  • Decreased default orb speed
  • Orb speed now scales with the unit’s attack speed
  • Additional psyker orbs will now prefer to be assigned to psykers, if there are no psykers then they will be assigned to units randomly
  • Removed Psychosense: “+33/66/99% orb range”
  • Added Psychosink: “+40/80/120% orb damage”


New healer class effect: (healers 2,4) – 20/40% chance to create +1 healing orb on healing orb creation

[h5]Healing orbs:[/h5]

  • Doubled healing per orb, now heals 20% of a unit’s max HP
  • Fixed heal targetting, now the lowest health unit should always get healed first
  • Healing orbs and gold coins are now slightly attracted to the snake by default

[h5]Healer unit changes:[/h5]

  • Cleric (tier 1 healer) – creates 1 healing orb every 8 seconds, Lv.3 effect: creates 4 healing orbs every 8 seconds
  • Carver (tier 2 builder, healer) – carves a statue that creates 1 healing orb every 6 seconds, Lv.3 effect: carves a tree that creates healing orbs twice as fast
  • Psykeeper (tier 3 psyker, healer) – creates 3 healing orbs every time the psykeeper takes 25% of its max HP in damage
  • Priest (tier 4 healer) – creates 3 healing orbs every 12 seconds


All warriors now have decreased sensor range. This means that they will only attack when enemies are closer, resulting in them attacking more units overall.

[h5]Warrior unit changes[/h5]

  • Juggernaut: now only attacks when enemies are nearby
  • Barbarian: now only attacks when enemies are nearby

  • Increased item choice slots to 4 (from 3)
  • Items can now be sold at 10 gold per item level
  • Items are now shown on the item selection, death and win screens
  • Silenced units are now gray
  • Decreased sound effect volume for shoot 5
  • Added visuals for divine intervention and fairy buffs
  • Elites now have their attack cooldowns visible
  • Right clicking sound and music buttons now decreases the value

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a series of crashes that happened right before changing from the arena to the shop
  • Fixed merchant not giving interest or free reroll if it died
  • Fixed shoot 5 and death 6 not working if a unit placed before it on the snake died
  • Fixed undying unit from lasting 7 being able to become immortal if it was healed during the 10 seconds before it truly died
  • Fixed a bug where max units wouldn’t be correct when changing NG difficulty in the menu
  • Fixed Whispers of Doom applying before curses, now it applies after and triggers their effect when enemies are killed due to it
  • Fixed mobile users not being able to close the credits screen due to there being no close button
  • Fixed shop party numbers not being updated when units are bought or sold
  • Fixed a bug where movement speed would become zero if the game was paused while under the effects of decaying haste
  • Fixed baneling burst not dealing the correct amount of damage

Next week’s update

As mentioned in the orb update’s patch notes, from now on I’ll be focusing on the stat update and the next weekly patches will be significantly smaller than they have been so far. You could think of it as the game being in maintenance mode until I’m done with the bigger update. I’ll update you on its status every week, so if it’s late you’ll know in advance.

Also, many people have asked for a Discord server, so now there’s community run Discord server available for the game, check it out:


Thanks for playing and I hope you have fun with this week’s update!