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X Invader » January Update [New 2 Avatars]

Hello, Invaders!

I’d like to inform you about the content of the December update that took place today.

If you experience any issues running the game after the update,
please prioritize performing a file integrity check.

■ Guide to Conducting a File Integrity Check:

■ Update Version: v 0.7.0

■ Patch Notes:

1. Major Updates

* New Avatars *
Shigekun: When a coin is acquired, a coin explosion occurs that causes physical damage.

Frost Fwincess: Fires icicles in a random direction every 3 seconds. Freezing 500 enemies reduces the firing cycle by half.

* Soul Code *
Quality Miner: +2% chance of dropping gold, +2% chance of dropping coins when hitting a boss [Added]

Quick Reflexes: Damage increases proportional to movement speed [Deleted] -> When 230 enemies are killed with continuous elemental damage, +10% attack speed effect is obtained. The effect stacks.

Heavy weight: Damage increases inversely proportional to movement speed [Deleted] -> When 333 enemies are killed with summon damage, +7% area effect is gained. The effect stacks.

* Bug Fix *
Fixed a bug where the Rune Ax of Destruction appears when the conditions are not met.

If you encounter any issues during gameplay,
please report them to our Discord for a prompt response.

X Invader Discord:

We are always grateful to everyone who plays X Invader.

Enjoy your gameplay!