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SNKRX » Item Update

This update adds a new item levelling system, reworks all items and adds 27 new ones, as well as some rebalancing and lots of bug fixes.

Item Levelling

Most items can be now levelled up to Lv.3 in increments of 5 gold per XP:
Lv.1 -> Lv.2 cost: 2 XP = 10 gold
Lv.2 -> Lv.3 cost: 3 XP = 15 gold

Levelling an item up grants it additional stat bonuses. For instance, Amplify: +20/35/50% AoE damage. This means that if you pick up Amplify and spend 25 gold to level it up to Lv.3, all your units will deal 50% increased AoE damage.


General:[expand type=details]

  • Centipede: +10/20/30% movement speed
  • Ouroboros Technique R: rotating around yourself to the right releases 2/3/4 projectiles per second
  • Ouroboros Technique L: rotating around yourself to the left grants +15/25/35% defense to all units
  • Amplify: +20/35/50% AoE damage
  • Resonance: all AoE attacks deal +3/5/7% damage per unit hit
  • Ballista: +20/35/50% projectile damage
  • Call of the Void: +30/60/90% DoT damage
  • Crucio: taking damage also shares that across all enemies at 20/30/40% its value
  • Speed 3: position 3 has +50% attack speed
  • Damage 4: position 4 has +30% damage
  • Shoot 5: position 5 shoots 3 projectiles per second
  • Death 6: position 6 takes 10% of its health as damage every 3 seconds
  • Lasting 7: position 7 will stay alive for 10 seconds after dying
  • Defensive Stance: first and last positions have +10/20/30% defense
  • Offensive Stance: first and last positions have +10/20/30% damage
  • Kinetic Bomb: when an ally dies it explodes, launching enemies away
  • Porcupine Technique: when an ally dies it explodes, releasing piercing and ricocheting projectiles
  • Last Stand: the last unit alive is fully healed and receives a +20% bonus to all stats

Voider:[expand type=details]

  • Seeping: enemies taking DoT damage have -15/25/35% defense
  • Deceleration: enemies taking DoT damage have -15/25/35% movement speed
  • Annihilation: when a voider dies deal its DoT damage to all enemies for 3 seconds

Curser:[expand type=details]

  • Malediction: +1/3/5 max curse targets to all allied cursers
  • Hextouch: enemies take 10/15/20 damage per second for 3 seconds when cursed
  • Whispers of Doom: curses apply doom, deal 100/150/200 damage every 4/3/2 doom instances

Forcer:[expand type=details]

  • Tremor: when enemies hit walls they create an area based on the knockback force
  • Heavy Impact: when enemies hit walls they take damage based on the knockback force
  • Fracture: when enemies hit walls they explode into projectiles

Swarmer:[expand type=details]

  • Meat Shield: critters block enemy projectiles
  • Hive: critters have +1/2/3 HP
  • Baneling Burst: critters die immediately on contact but also deal 50/100/150 AoE damage

Ranger:[expand type=details]

  • Blunt Arrow: ranger arrows have +10/20/30% chance to knockback
  • Explosive Arrow: ranger arrows have +10/20/30% chance to deal 10/20/30% AoE damage
  • Divine Machine Arrow: ranger arrows have a 10/20/30% to seek and pierce 1/2/3 times

Mage:[expand type=details]

  • Chronomancy: mages cast their spells 15/25/35% faster
  • Awakening: +50/75/100% attack speed and damage to 1 mage every round for that round
  • Divine Punishment: deal damage to all enemies based on how many mages you have

Rogue:[expand type=details]

  • Assassination: crits from rogues deal 8/10/12x damage but normal attacks deal half damage
  • Flying Daggers: all projectiles thrown by rogues chain +2/3/4 times
  • Ultimatum: projectiles that chain gain +10/20/30% damage with each chain

Nuker:[expand type=details]

  • Magnify: +20/35/50% area size
  • Echo Barrage: 10/20/30% chance to create 1/2/3 secondary AoEs on AoE hit
  • Unleash: all nukers gain +1% area size and damage every second

Enchanter:[expand type=details]

  • Reinforce: +10/20/30% damage, defense and aspd to all allies with at least one enchanter
  • Payback: +2/5/8% damage to all allies whenever an enchanter is hit
  • Enchanted: +10/20/30% attack speed to a random unit with at least two enchanters

Sorcerer:[expand type=details]

  • Freezing Field: creates an area that slows enemies by 50% for 2 seconds on sorcerer spell repeat
  • Burning Field: creates an area that deals 30 dps for 2 seconds on sorcerer spell repeat
  • Gravity Field: creates an area that pulls enemies in for 1 seconds on sorcerer spell repeat

Mercenary:[expand type=details]

  • Magnetism: gold coins are attracted to the snake
  • Insurance: heroes have 4 times the chance of mercenary’s bonus to drop 2 gold on death
  • Dividends: mercenaries deal +X% damage, where X is how much gold you have

Warrior:[expand type=details]

  • Berserking: all warriors have up to +50/75/100% attack speed based on missing HP
  • Unwavering Stance: all warriors gain +4/8/12% defense every 5 seconds
  • Unrelenting Stance: +2/5/8% defense to all allies whenever a warrior is hit

Removed items:[expand type=details]

  • Wall Echo
  • Wall Rider
  • Point Blank
  • Longshot
  • Hex Master
  • Force Push
  • Void Rift
  • Blessing
  • Immolation

Items are divided by class but unless explicitly stated they apply to all classes. For instance, despite being in the nuker section, magnify (+20/35/50% area size) applies to everyone. On the other hand, unleash (all nukers gain +1%…) only applies to nukers since that’s specified in the passive’s text.

Items for healers, psykers and conjurers will come next week.

  • Voider: increased DoT damage bonus to 20/40% (from 15/25%)
  • Mercenary: decreased gold drop chance to 8/16% (from 10/20%)
  • Shop reroll: decreased cost to 10
  • Miner: changed to tier 2
  • Merchant: changed to tier 1 and added a cap of 10 to generated interest. This means that a merchant will not generate interest for more than 100 gold.
  • Arcanist: changed projectiles shot by the orb to pierce once (from infinite)
  • Beastmaster: changed Lv.3 effect to spawn 4 small critters instead (from 2)
  • Corruptor: changed Lv.3 effect to spawn 2 small critters instead (from 3)
  • Exploder (blue enemy): will now create a mine on death which will explode into projectiles after a delay, this delay is smaller on higher NG+ difficulties. Many people are having problems with blue enemies still and this feels like a fair change without having to change its damage again.
  • Shooter (white enemy): decreased projectile fire rate and speed, and now its projectiles will be blocked by enemies. Many people have complained that this unit feels unfair, and these changes should add some more counter play possibilities.
  • Tank (yellow enemy): decreased knockback resistance
  • Level 25 elite: decreased knockback resistance. This should make the boss bounce back a little after hitting one of your segments, which should decrease the frequency at which it kills multiple segments at once.

  • Added shop unit markers. It now should be easier to tell when you already own something and how many more you need to complete it
  • Added dark transitions. This is an option to make all transitions dark for those who prefer the entire game to not have too bright colors
  • Added your build to be visible in the passive selection screen
  • Added unit names to the “your build” section of the end game screen (and passive screen)
  • Changed Volcano’s icon to be a triangle instead of an X so it isn’t confused with a spawn marker
  • Added tier text to characters on the shop screen
  • Added a visual effect when defensive ouroboros is active
  • Improved Beastmaster and Corruptor’s attack descriptions

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash that happened when rerolling items too many times
  • Fixed a crash involving broken state for Pets, Critters or Volcanos
  • Fixed a crash when gold would be picked up with a miner in the party
  • Fixed a crash when jester’s curse would trigger
  • Fixed multiple crashes that would happen when picking up gold
  • Fixed a bug where shop level wasn’t respected on the shop’s first roll
  • Fixed a bug where level 2 and level 3 achievements were not triggering correctly sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where NG+ level wasn’t increased when the game is beaten but only when the NG+ button was pressed
  • Fixed a bug where mouse cursor wasn’t visible on death
  • Fixed a bug where clicking “window size-” too many times could crash the game
  • Fixed a bug where the nuker class was not counting towards vagrant’s and psyker’s active set bonus
  • Fixed NG+1 and NG+5 achievements not triggering (this happened only between last Sunday night and Monday morning due to a small update I pushed breaking it)
  • Fixed ouroboros technique passives not working with mouse controls

Broken save state bugs
  • Fixed a bug where quitting on level 2 would go back to level 1 shop
  • Fixed a bug where units could be duplicated in the shop by locking and quitting the game
  • Fixed a bug where the shop would be rerolled after quitting in the arena
  • Fixed a bug where passives would sometimes disappear from a run after quitting
  • Fixed multiple other bugs related to locking the shop and quitting

Bugs of this nature were the hardest to fix so far and I’m not sure if I got them all. From my tests everything should be working fine now and these exploits shouldn’t be available anymore. But if you notice anything weird happening with a run’s save states, like the shop being rerolled, passives disappearing (or appearing), units being wrong, etc, please create a thread on the forums. It’s best if you have steps to that can reproduce the bug, although that’s not necessary.

Next week’s update

The next update will feature a rework of healer and psyker classes, as well as possibly the addition of an endless mode to the game. If I don’t have enough time to add the endless mode I’ll focus on the class reworks + a backlog of QoL features that I haven’t been able to get to since release (like the options menu being available from anywhere and not just the arena, as in every normal game in existence…)

If you have bug reports, suggestions, ideas, etc, create a thread on the forums. Despite not replying I’m reading everything and taking it all into consideration.

Thanks for playing and I hope you have fun with this week’s update!