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Soulstone Survivors » Hotfix Update v0.11.037l

Hey everyone!

We have just released a small hotfix update which will deal with a few annoying problems in the game that would lead to multiple exceptions, which in turn would degrade the game’s performance in certain scenarios. We hope that this small update makes your experience smoother!

Full change list for version v0.11.037i:

  • Fixed issue with Corrupted Pyromancer not working as intended, which would lead to considerable performance reduction and massive spam of errors;
  • Static defense skills, such as Totems, Ballistae and Volcanos will now be alive for a minimum of 5 seconds. This prevents them being despawned to move closer to your before they are able to attack and should make those skills better in extreme scenarios;
  • Fixed quite a few issues with VFXs, references and invisible errors that would degrade performance and lead to weird behaviour;

Thank you very much for your support, and we see you in the next one! =)

~ Soulstone Team