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Soulstone Survivors » Hot fixes and balancing in new update v0.11.037h!

We’ve just released update v0.11.037h that will bring new improvements and changes that should make the game much more enjoyable. We are introducing new language support, improving gamepad navigation, and more!

If you would like to learn more about the game and our amazing community join here 👉Discord!

Below is the full list of changes🔄:


  • Fixed Meteor Shower skill which will now work normally;
  • Fixed Aura of Chaos applying more Disarray than intended;
  • Fixed Murder of Crows to no longer apply random negative effects;
  • Fiery Blades no longer receives Duration upgrades, instead it receives Critical Chance upgrades;


  • Fixed a navigation issue on the Dungeon of Despair where enemies and mouse-only mode would not perform as expected in certain areas;
  • Treant will now display a damaged area when attacking since it is a large area;
  • Fixed incorrect name for the Elite Goblin Warlock;
  • Fixed Skeleton Reaper Scythe attack being affected by visibility slider;


  • Added Italian language support;
  • Added the option to disable Vignette and Ambient Occlusion effects in the Graphics Options menu;
  • Improved gamepad navigation on Profile tab;
  • Added support to rename rune presets in the Fight menu;
  • Boss Health bars and Objectives panel are now hidden in the Level Up screen;
  • Fixed an issue where when equipping multiple Mastery runes you would need to select a different rune – and come back to view the equip button again;
  • Fixed tooltip of “Negative Effect icons” in General Options menu;
  • Fixed possible issue on the Profile page where if you had invalid matches, the screen would not display as – expected;
  • Fixed damage breakdown in the pause menu and ending screen now showing the correct values, accumulating all stages of the match;
  • Fixed issue with Polish fonts not displaying correctly;
  • Fixed an issue where Duration and Quantity modifiers to skills could not be showing properly in their tooltips;
  • Fixed Beastmaster ascension tracker which would not disappear when the match ended;

We hope you will enjoy the update, thank you for all your support and feedback! ❤️

~ Soulstone Team