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Impaler » Enhancing Gravity

Hey all!

Welcome to the Update #4.5! In this “.5” update, we’ll be tinkering with existing systems, rather than adding new content. This time we’re taking a look at the gravity, since the floatiness of the Player Character has been coming up pretty frequently since the launch.

To add some more oomph to the air controls, we’re introducing the wall jump ability. Just press JUMP when touching a wall mid air, and you’ll bounce from it ninja style!

Apart from that we’re taking a look at other gameplay elements, mainly from the balance perspective. and adding some magic touches here and there.

Check out the full patch notes:

Major Changes
  • Increased the overall game gravity by 50% and improved physics to feel less “floaty”
  • Rebalanced jumping, jump pads, other values to account for change in gravity
  • Added a wall jump ability (jump while touching a wall mid-air)
Balance / Gameplay
  • Projectiles spawned from “Bullet Time AOE” upgrade now emit shrapnel when they explode
  • Shrines are introduced slightly later in each stage so the first one isnt a freebie
  • No self damage with cannon explosive shots upgrade
  • Reduce damage of sawblades to match lasers
  • Saw blades no longer launch objects into the air
  • Increased speed of obstacle spawning by 50% (less waiting)
  • Monsters no longer jump or chase player if they are in a pain animation
  • Increased barrel and offering push amount slightly
  • Damage-stunned monsters will stop shooting
  • Flying enemies have slightly lower shoot cooldown
  • Changes to evil offering
  • Evil offering jumps around and moves away from shrines
  • No longer spits out collected pickups
  • Range of pickup suction reduced
Audio / visual
  • Enhanced jumper sprites & animations
  • New pain / damage sounds for several monsters
  • Increased variety of explosion audio sfx
  • Audio mixing enhancements
  • Improved jump. double jump, and wall jump particle effects
  • Improvemed explosion smoke particle effects
  • All offerings now have a yellow glow to be more visible
  • Increased visibility and brightness of offering destinations (shrines)
  • Visual improvements to jump pad & booster (particles, animations, etc.)
  • Removed the “offering” hud elements – doesn’t look good and makes screen busy
  • Added wall jump tooltip (#10 in the rotation)
Bug fixes / Technical
  • Fixed jumpers “charging” during tutorial while stationary
  • Small enhancements to particle physics
  • Fixed achievement unlock bug (kill all monster types)
  • Fixed out-of-order icons in score summary

That would be all for today, make sure to let us know what you think about those changes!

As always, please share Impaler with your friends and leave a Steam review if you’re enjoying the game to help us reach even more players.

See you in the next one.

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