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Fallen Slayers » Devlog #5 Future Plans

Hey everyone, happy new year!
So I’ve been working on mostly behind the scenes stuff since the Bullet Heaven Fest, so not much to show or play really. Also I took some weeks off in the end of the year to rest, keeping good mental health is important.
Mostly I’ve been working on these stuff:

  • Properly display of game data and content on UI.
  • A quest system to unlock content and getting metaprogression currency.
  • A rework on the pacts system. My idea is to allow players to pick and choose the boons and curses of their pact through a forging system, this will add much more variation in gameplay.
  • New content including a new soul and god, as well as more weapons and upgrades to test everything out.

Sneak peak of the Soul of a Barbarian:

The future god will be shown soon!.
Also for the future I decided to opt out of Early Access, and instead I will work directly with the community by updating the game demo and having a possible prologue during the velopment.
I intend to have all this tested out by you guys very soon with a demo update, so stay tuned to play when its done. Your feedback is crucial for me!