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Talented » Devlog #46 – Well Rounded

Hello Talented Gamers!

This will (hopefully) be my final devlog before the next update! I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on the new Bandit Class, Legendary Talents and all of the other features we’ve sprinkled in to respond to player feedback.

Something I want to be completely upfront about – we will be increasing the price of Talented with the 0.11 update. This was always the plan (you can even see it in our Early Access Q&A) and we’ve received a lot of feedback that there’s plenty of content to justify it.

That being said, we will also be immediately putting the game on sale at its previous price for a week. This gives anyone who finds us at the start of the update period a final chance to get it at the original price. Hope that sounds fair to everyone!

Let’s get on to the fun stuff!

New Achievements

0.11 brings 20 brand new Achievements to unlock! Some keen eyed members of the community have already spotted them, here’s a few to look out for and destroy on update day:

Become the biggest know-it-all in the land

Me no think, me only shoot

And of course, the Bandit has a fresh set of Class Achievements to collect!

Class Balance

We have an absolute wealth of balance changes coming up, each class has 10 or more Talents being tweaked. Much of our balance is informed by player feedback, so do keep that rolling in! Here are just a few of the areas we’ll be addressing this update…

Archer Piercing

Right now it feels like Pierce or Pain for the Archer. We’re reworking pierce from the ground up and buffing other strategies to make the average run feel less like a dice roll.

Piercing Blows has been reworked into an Epic Talent without the Damage or Knockback reduction, and we’ve added a new Piercing Rare Talent that gets slightly less out of control:

Note: Spectral Quiver currently has placeholder art, but rest assured it will have its own icon in the update!

To compensate for this All Quiver Talents now have a 5% chance to proc and Archer has a chunk more other buffs too that I will go into in the Patch Notes.


Ah Orbs, will you ever find true balance, or will you continue to endlessly roll off the table?

For Orbs, the Elemental Orbs Talents (e.g. Blazing Orbs) no longer apply their buff to all other Orbs. This has allowed us to make the baseline power of Orbs a little higher by increasing the Speed by 25%, the Base Damage to 3 and increase the maximum Orb Count to 50.

Note: Earthen Orbs now always apply Knockback (the damage requirement has been removed)

We’ve also replaced [Gemmed Glove] with a brand new Orb Talent:

Ability Crit enjoyers need not fear, [Gemmed Glove] will return in the future when we have more support for Ability Critical Strikes!

…And just so the other classes don’t feel left out!

Strike Out!

Due to popular demand, all Warrior Strike Abilities now have Attack Damage scaling!

Music to my Soul

[Soul Absorption] is now an Epic Talent in the Base Package – finally, not every run will be a machine gun snail run!

Quality of Life

In these final phases of development we’ve taken some time to add a few frequently requested quality of life features.

Although this is not the long term plan for Talent Packages, in their current state having them randomized and out of player control is simply unfun. We’ve added a reroll feature to allow you to roll the dice until you get the packages you like (if you want!)

Next, we’ve been made aware that Mastery Progression can feel a little slow for some players very familiar with this type of game. We’ve doubled the rate at which you can level up your Mastery by giving a second Bonus Unlock if you take less than 5 hits in a run.

Andddd here’s a few more assorted QoL features being added this update.

  • A Slow Mode setting that reduces the in game speed to 50% of the default, but also disabling Achievements.
  • A setting to permanently keep the stats panel open permanently.
  • Tooltips for Health Points and Resources (e.g. Magic Points) when hovering over them, showing the current and maximum values.
  • Restart and Next Mastery Buttons on the Run End Screen

That about does it for this time (and most likely this update!). There are more unannounced changes coming including a lotttt of bug fixes that will all be covered in the Patch Notes for 0.11, so keep your Googlys peeled for those.

Stay Talented